100 Sol/s will get you zero blocks this month?


zcash/src/zcash-cli getnetworkhashps

returns 2,255,317 H/s (Sol/s?) while difficulty is 41,438. So network Sol/s seems to be 54.4 x difficulty.

So 4,000 Sol/s has a 50% chance of getting a block today. Maybe someone with 50 GPUs at 100 Sol/s can confirm they’ve only gotten 1 bock.

Guess it has to do with the slow start during first 34 days…

Since there’s no money motivation now, after the ramp it looks like it is going to take 1,000 Sol/s (100 CPUs or 20 GPUs) to get 1 block per month.

Go ahead and type whatever values you want into this, you’ll find what your looking for.

Thanks for posting the calculator. I saw it in your other thread. I just was wondering…why am I seeing a large discrepancy between what I would make via CoinWarz vs. your calculator? I’m at 59 sol/s and when I enter 29.5 H/s into coinwarz (400 watts, $0.1196/kWh) it says I would make +7.50 per day. In your calculator, entering 59 sol/s and those same values it says I would lose around 83 cents per day. What am I not factoring in here? This was done back to back with the price of ZEC grossly unchanged.

Are you sure you typed in the power usage correctly? Note that my calculator uses KW, and Coinwarz is using W.
Coinwarz also converts ZEC to BTC to USD for the pricing, mine does ZEC to USD