Problem with a pool

I ma new on the world of mining, and I don t understand something.
I start mining with Nicehash, on the Pool Nanopool, but the total Zcash I win look like if it is random.
You can see on NanoPool, with my wallet :

I start mining 3times, and the last one was the most powerful (2.5Msol) , and this is with this one I earn the least money, someone know why? ( i win only 0.1ZEC and i calculate 0.7ZEC on Minergate, the différence is amazing ! )

Thanks a lot

Nanopool tends to do that. The current mining rate is really inacurate and you just have to see what it does. Minergate is a scam so don’t use them. Trust me I made that mistake when I started mining. The best thing you can do is look at your mining programs and see the hash rate on there.

I hope I helped!

Thanks for your help, but I can t use my mining program because it is cloud mining :wink: so which Pool do you use? What can I use to calculate my production? ( like Minergate but More! Accurate)

I use nanopool. I use the claymore and ewpf miners which can be found here Those should help with the cloud mining issue. You can use a different pool with them. Just edit the start or config file and change your pool address. I’ve heard good things about slushpool but have never tried it. As for calculating production, use the site here

I did like.minergates interface but they are doing some really shady things and I’ve gotten drastically increased earnings mining without minergate.

I hope I helped!

Thanks for your advices, I will try it :slight_smile: i just don t understand what happened because i used à cloudmining mining for 1h at 1gh/s and i earn 7x More money than I used 2,5gh/s for 30min, maybe it is not good to make short session of mining :wink:

idk man. i get the best results when i let them sit overnight for benchmarks and take the 6 hour average. i wish you the best of luck