Best Pool To Mine Zcash

I’ve tried flypool, however it is inconsistent with the speed at times even though it reports luck to be high usually. If anyone knows any other pools that are working great, let me know. Also, if there are any multipools that are reliable those could work too?
Thanks in advance.

Suprnova is a great pool!!

If Flypool is inconsistent for you, then you’re really going to not like other pools. Flypool has a massive combined hashrate right now so their payouts will be way more consistent than any other pools.

With that said, I use suprnova as well.

I used suprnova before, but last week i switched to flypool which has more
regularly payment due higher hash power rate. However, I did not notice any problems with either one pools

I have also started with Fly and, like you, decided to look for other variants. I mined with Slush. Why in past? You may want to find appropriate topic at this forum for more info. Currently, I mine with MiningPoolHub.

How did slush workout for you? I noticed there was a 0% fee.

Thanks so much for responses. Will be sticking to flypool probably, maybe slush if it proves to be reliable.

How is miningpoolhub so far? I m thinking to start there to.

In general it was OK. I was nervous all the time because of 12 - 14 hours without block and couldn’t help myself stop refreshing that beautiful mobile app :smile: So, after another 14-th hour without block, I quitted Slush… Furthermore, 2% fee starting from Aug, 8… Really…? Too much, as for me…


I have been mining with PoolHub just for 4 days. Statistic is not so fancy, like Slush implemented - that’s true, HR is always jumping. As for income, it is hard to say for such a little period of time. But it is more for about 0.002 - 0.003 a day, than Slush’s income. Total pool HR is 11 - 14 MH/s, it is small enough to get regular payments, but not too small to stay for 14 hours without income (this is my personal :wink: ).

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What graphics card do you use? 0.002/0.003 ZEC?

He was probably talking about Ethereum (off-topic)

I earn more 0.002 - 0.003 a day mining with PoolHub, than with Slush.

Total PoolHub hush rate for ZEC

Sorry I was thinking that it was too high to be your Zcash hash rate

i have been mining for almost 2 weeks, trying different coins and pools (zcash, nicehash miner, lbry). I m not getting even close to whattomine calc suggests. I guess jumping from one pool to another decrease my earnings but i really wanted to test and see what’s best for me before i settle somewhere. I know calculators are not accurate but for my rig ( about 4300sols with 1080tis ) best i’ve made was on nanopool 0.1 Zec (it was around 17.50$ at that time) for 24h and whattomine was showing more than 21,22$… I don’t cashout my coins i m long term holder but still i feel like i missing out something :slight_smile:

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Yep, some Pools payments systems are made to stay at that pool. So jumping too frequently can decrease your profit.
But since you are learning now, that is ok. Just try and see which one works best for you.
Don`t trust whattomine on 100%. Use as rough estimate only.


That’s a decent amount I may try PoolHub

What miner do you use?

Coinotron is fine too but with high diff.
I didn’t try pool hub myself.