Problem with nvidia quadro k4000

I have problem with mining with nvidia quadro k4000 the problem closes when i open windows nicehash GPU miner when i remove -cd 0 the miner works good with CPU
And if anyone tried it how many hashrate you get

Any help ??? I want to mine what i can do

Not sure about the K4000 but on my quadro M4000 I had a similar problem which was resolved by installing the latest drivers.

How much hashrate you get

With using my i7-6700K only, I get about 30 sols/s. Using the Quadro M4000 WITH the i7-6700K, I get about 40 sols/s. All I did was install the latest nvidia driver. I'm using the nicehash miner on windows. I haven't tried any other miners out there. I ordered an RX480 to stick into one of my linux boxes. Should be interesting to see what that gives me (I've read I should expect around 30 sols/s from it).

Ok thank you alot but it is very bad hashrate