Promoting zcash by doing interviews with internet personalities

Something the z-cash foundation could do to promote zec is to have Zooko or somebody else talk with leading internet personalities or publications which have been cryptocurrency promoters in the past and who’s audiences would be interested in the next generation of crypto after bitcoin, but aren’t aware of zec yet. Some examples:

Joe Rogen (has repeatedly had Andreas Antonopolous)

Stefan Molyneux (same)

Dave Rubin (Roger Ver) (several articles and videos on bitcoin and ethereum)

Styxhexenhammer666 (has done interviews and is a CC promoter)

I’m sure we could all think of others. All of the above each have 100,000’s of youtube subscribers many of whom would be interested in the next gen CC.


Zooko works for the Electric Coin Company, not the Zcash Foundation. So @joshs and @elisehamdon are who you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Appreciate these suggestions! New ideas are always helpful. Will take these into consideration.


Love these ideas! We need to engage some of these. It’s also really helpful for them to hear from their supporters on personalities or topics they’d like to see … and/or if you have any direct connection that allows us to shortcut a bit. I’d love to see one or more of them dig into privacy given the conversation around Libra and implications for personal and national security.


I suggested Zooko since he’s a charismatic personality fanbois and fangirlz could rally around and personally relate to for brand-building purposes. I realize he must be busy though. I am picturing in my head a PowerJRE clip of Joe having one of his “mind blown man!” moments with Zooko’s expressive face. I really like how he integrates zCash into the longer arc of cryptography, PGP and bitcoin here: . A version of this presentation along with talking about Libra, the tech behemoth surveillance corporate-state, a near-future cashless society of no financial privacy (necessitated by negative-interest rates and easy money policies to help gov’s pay for the looming pension and healthcare solvency crisis of an aging world), activists now brow-beating payment processors and banks (including Visa and MC) in additional to social media platforms to deplatform “undesirables” who’s number will only grow in time (i.e. they are now going after indy journalists and what remains of the anti-war left), the inherent transparency of Bitcoin (which a lot of people still think is untraceable) and the seeming tacit regulatory approval of ZEC over Monero by the NY financial regulator. Maybe some of that is too tin-foil-hattery or overly political for you, merely a suggestion.

I do not have a direct connection to any of them, but will list some contacts below. For Joe, Dave and Reason you might have to have someone show up to their studios in LA or NY, the rest do livestreams over Google or Skype.

Joe Rogen (5.75M subs on YT plus the podcast): contact (Joe w/ Andreas Antonopolous to give you a feel for the guy if you are not familiar with him)

Dave Rubin (1M subs plus the podast): (bottom of page is contacts) (Dave w/ Roger Ver on BCH)

Stefan Molyneux (917k subs): stefan.molyneux
Stef on bitcoin:

ReasonTV (444k subs + the magazine): (likely best)

Tarl Warwick / Styxhexenhammer666 (377k subs): request-personal-data
Has done livestreams at times.

Liberty Doll (114k subs): thelibertydoll
She does livestreams now on a fairly regular basis.

I have contacted ECC to make them aware of this thread.