Expand & grow Zcash community

Curious to hear ideas from community here about growing size of Zcash community. Think big & out-of-box.


Grow Zecpages (or some derivative of the idea) and make it more user-friendly. Incentivize people to use it by rewarding good content (some form of karma) in actual ZEC payments (could come from dev fund/grant). I truly think that this will be by and large the best way to grow the community.


Bitcoin had What is Bitcoin? (v1) - YouTube

Dogecoin had Ð is for Ðogecoin - YouTube

ZCash had ?


Here’s an idea, a sticker campaign!


We’ve done a number of things at ECC:

Some others - including influencer marketing, localized education (Japan, Korea, Latam, India, etc.), and partnerships (some still very early) that should expand reach.

We’ve started playing with another idea that taps into our cypherpunk spirit. Watch mid Jan.

The most significant catalyst is probably price. Coin goes up, more people ape in. When people ape in because of price, many are open to learning more. Not all or even most will stick around, but it’s sort of like a sales funnel - with a goal to bring as many people into a 'loyalty loop.’ So a question might be, how to we quickly bring “passers by” into the fold?

Another incredibly effective tool is to give someone ZEC by having them download a wallet and sending a Z2Z tx. It doesn’t scale well but lights tend to go on. A family member was a BTC maxi but had never even tried a transaction. His mind changed after transacting with me and looking at a block explorer.

What if we implemented ‘liberated payments’ where someone could just send someone a text or message and the person is able to click on it and, by magic, they have shielded ZEC? Assuming that this is doable, could we scale that?


Zcash needs its own podcast. Something similar to Bankless that covers the entire Zcash ecosystem. After more than 5 years, Zcash has a rich history, with a number of different thought leaders and other individuals to interview and plenty of topics to cover and even do deep dives into. There’s so much to talk about right now with with shielded adoption rapidly growing, NU5, Halo, no more trusted setup, shielded by default, Web 3.0 and interoperability, shielded assets, and a future transition to proof of stake. The podcast would be educational and the first stop for ZEC-curious individuals who want to learn more about Zcash.

I would love to see a grant proposal submitted to ZOMG to bootstrap the costs of equipment and one year of production (after which the team can obtain funding from advertisers). Or perhaps this could be a future RFP.


Yes, we should get Naomi Brockwell to do a podcast.

She seems super supportive of Zcash and privacy, plus knows the technical aspects. Wonder how much she makes with her YouTube channel of 108k subscribers?


:100: agree on price bringing in users.

I imagine after a price fluctuation some users might whip out their mobile phones and Google “zcash”. The first link they probably get is z.cash. Then they see this.

Seems pretty boring to me. I don’t think a single word on that screen is unique, interesting, different to any other coins. Where is the fun Coinbase video for a mobile user to click on and watch? We don’t need to buy there and then. We just need to get them to become interested enough that they’ll watch the next video which will be Vitalik Buterin talking about ZCash.


Agreed. :wink:


This could drive a lot of users to ZEC. ZEC gifting. We need Cash app like experience & growth tactics to open Zcash wallet. Something like get 100$ if you refer your friend.

Official ECC wallet can be this, you can buy shielded ZEC in one click, send to a phone number in one click, refer to your family & friends in one click. YT commercial with celebrity (optional: who believes in privacy). These days fintech firms are partnering with influencers, celebrities for real giveaways, follow, retweet etc to win a pool of money. Something like that too.


Good point on the z.cash website. You know how we’ve always talking about “All it takes is chainalysis to expose BTC owners”. Why doesn’t Zcash start doing that? There are plenty of public BTC addresses that are already exposed (exchanges, whales, etc). That should be front-and-center of the z.cash website, in my opinion. Let Zcash be the one to call out how exposed BTC addresses truly are. Could even tap into some API that updates on an interval which would probably increase daily active users (on the site).


Would there be any interest in re-building the zcashcommunity site?

It was one of the first places to actually list all the Zcash wallets and mining pools in one place, but since Josh and the ECC re-did the z.cash site last year to include most of that information, the community site is a bit out-of-date.

If anyone wants to see something added to it I’d be happy to give access to anyone who wants to work on it. It’s completely non-profit and doesn’t display any ADs (and it should remain that way) but beyond that I would go so far as to let the community completely scrap what’s there now and build it to what you want.

Just a matter of figuring out what content you would like to see.


We have proposed an online hub for the Spanish-speaking community to expand the community.


Growing the community is a great goal that I really share as well. Just a few ideas that people are working on that will contribute to community building and public awareness:

I talked to someone heavily involved in the ethereum community and I asked them specifically how Zcash could help grow its community like eth did. They pointed to meetups and creating understandable explanations of the tech and its applications as helping to grow the community.

I also really like what @Ziga is doing with Documenting Zcash on Twitter.

When we release our videos, we’d also really like to get a grassroots campaign to share it widely on social media, so get ready to hit the Retweet button in 2022 :slight_smile:


I think that’s in the works :shushing_face:


The Foundation website is in the process of a facelift, nothing planned Community website that I know of.


Oh I was referring to the Naomi thing!

Since it’s relevant to this thread I can confirm that ZF will launch a completely redesigned zfnd.org in January. To be followed by a much more user-friendly and comprehensive grants platform (launch date TBD, initial setup work in progress now).


I also really like what @Ziga is doing with Documenting Zcash on Twitter.

Thank you! I think the demand for short-form Zcash media is still way underserved. For example, there is a lot of good long-form Zcash content out there, but so little of it has been spliced down into sharable social media nuggets.

That’s what I’m trying to do with Documenting Zcash. Focus on the viral stuff people will want to share. This usually means keeping thing less technical and dumbing things down for the non-tech folks.

The most significant catalyst is probably price. Coin goes up, more people ape in.

This is truth. The more that people make money from Zcash, the more likely they are to share it with others. Nobody wants to share something they lost a boat load of money on. This is why most of the traders on crypto twitter are so negative towards Zcash. They don’t know how to trade ZEC for a profit and end up looking like a fool. Let’s be honest though, most of the popular “traders” on Twitter are pretty terrible traders anyways. Sadly, they do have huge audiences though and their negativity towards Zcash has held us back. That will change in time.


The three top things I believe we need in order to grow our community:

  1. I’m 100% with @aquietinvestor that Zcash needs a very good podcast. Bankless is awesome at building hype for Ethereum. We need the same level of education and hype building for Zcash. Is this something you would be interested in starting @aquietinvestor? I feel you could be a good fit for it.

  2. We need Zcash featured on more popular podcasts. This is a huge missed opportunity that we’re not taking advantage of.

  3. We need better narratives for Zcash. Everything in crypto these days is driven by narratives. “Zcash is a privacy coin” isn’t strong enough imo.

    Bitcoin, for example, is “digital gold” and SoV.

    For Zcash, I think we should consider moving our narrative towards:

    Cash3 (similar characteristics to Web3, but for cash)
    The next evolution of Cash. Digital, private, non-custodial, person to person.

    Private Store of Value (PSoV)
    The next evolution of Bitcoin. SoV + Privacy + Yield.

Cash3 from a narrative perspective feels like the next step in the evolution of cash.
PSoV feels like a better investment opportunity than the SoV that Bitcoin offers, while also providing better utility (privacy). The beauty is Zcash is both Cash3 and a PSoV.

“Privacy coin” as a narrative feels like a niche market or feature for people seeking more privacy. It doesn’t feel like the next evolution of cash or Bitcoin. We need to move past this simplistic narrative. We’re not a simple privacy coin project. We’re building the frickin’ cash system of the future.