Proposal: In-person classes for entrepreneurs on Zcash as a payment method

Hi everyone! We decided it was time to do this, so this is our proposal for a minor grant.

We would like to add that this comes after a small, but rewarding experience with an experiment we made, in which we organized a series of in-person talks with people of our community to tell them about cryptocurrencies, Zcash, and how they would be an good alternative for their daily lifes and, also, their businesses.

We did this with borrowed equipment and limited funding, but it still worked better than expected since (you can read about this experience and see some pictures in our spanish Zpage), in our community, people want financial alternatives but don’t know how crypto works, and there’s no one to tell them.

So now we want to take it to a new level, but we need funding for better projection equipment (and our own, since the one we use, again, is not ours), better logistics and promotion to have a greater reach.

What is the name of your project?

In-person classes for entrepreneurs on Zcash as a payment method

Who is the primary contact or organization for this project?

Papeles a Color and Tecnopapapi

What USD ($) amount are you requesting?##

$7550.00 USD

Are you requesting payment up front or upon completion of the grant?

We require the grant funding before commending work on the grant.
Why is an upfront payment required?

The project consists of a series of events in which we will be giving in-person workshops for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the general public about cryptocurrencies and how they can adopt Zcash as a payment method. For these classes, we will need equipment to show the presentation and logistics

Balance Needed

To reach our goal, we will need to acquire some equipment and logistics materials, all of which we list below

  • Desktop Computer for designing promotional and educational material: $800
  • A laptop computer for projecting audiovisual material in the place designated for the talks: $500
  • Portable video beam projector and projector screen for displaying video an images during the talks: $700
  • A set of loudspeakers for better audio quality when projecting audiovisual material $50
  • Printing of promotional banners and artwork for both CTA and classroom decoration: $100
  • Snacks for organizing breaks in every talk, to allow the attendees to rest and promote conversation. (two talks monthly, for 6 months, for around 15 people): $50 each talk for a total of $600
  • Compensation for both organizers, including mobility, the talks themselves and the continuous accompaniment of the attendees via Telegram Group:
    • $200 for Elizabeth per class, $2400 for 12 classes (6 months)
    • $200 for Alexis per class, $2400 for 12 classes (6 months)

Total Balance: $7550

Describe your grant

The main goal of these in-person workshops is to promote the adoption of Zcash as a payment method in businesses in San Juan de los Morros, Guárico state, Venezuela, and surrounding cities.

To do this, we will be targeting merchants directly, as they are the key players in the adoption process. In this way, we hope to raise awareness about the benefits of Zcash, such as its privacy and security, and help merchants overcome any barriers they may have to adopting it.

One of the main challenges we face is the volatility of the Zcash price. However, we believe that by educating merchants about cryptocurrencies in general, we can help them understand the risks and benefits of Zcash. We will also provide information about other stable cryptocurrencies, which can be an alternative for merchants who are not willing to take the risk of volatility.

In the end, our goal is to ensure that businesses in San Juan de los Morros and the surrounding area have the information and tools they need to successfully adopt Zcash.

The talks will be held in person and will last 60 minutes. The following topics will be covered:

Cryptocurrencies and wallets Stablecoins
Introduction to Zcash
Advantages of Zcash as a payment method
How to accept Zcash in a business
Brief explanation of the entire Zcash ecosystem

Activity plan for promoting Zcash:

  1. Preparation
    Audiovisual material for participant recruitment: Audiovisual material will be created to promote the in-person class and attract participants. This material will be distributed through digital and physical channels. Visits to commercial places with a printed invitation: Commercial places will be visited to deliver printed invitations to the in-person class.
  2. In-person class
    Audiovisual material for the presentation: Audiovisual material will be created to support the presentation on Zcash. This material will help capture the attention of attendees and facilitate understanding of concepts. Dynamic activities to learn about the importance of privacy: Dynamic activities will be carried out so that attendees understand the importance of privacy. Bounty delivery to put Zcash wallets into practice: A bounty will be delivered to attendees who use Zcash wallets during class.
  3. Remote support
    Participation in a group for remote assistance: A Telegram group will be created so that attendees can obtain remote assistance. Sending updates about the Zcash ecosystem: The Telegram group will be used to send updates about the Zcash ecosystem.

Frequency of activities

The activities will be carried out twice a month. This frequency is considered adequate to maintain novelty among merchants, Zcash noise in different media within the locality, and also to give time for preparation between one and the other.

Please introduce the team that will be responsible for delivering the grant

Elizabeth Barrios (Papeles a Color)
Journalist/Social communicator - Crafter
Has been present in various activities within the Zcash ecosystem. Her greatest strength is in the creation of audiovisual material, where she has created various designs for the community, as well as tasks commissioned by Zechub.
She has a profile on where she uploads educational content about design and event decoration. She is one of the creators of Free2z On Air, a weekly podcast with a summary of what has been done and published on the Free2Z platform. To date, they have 12 episodes.
In addition, she has been part of two in-person classes in her community to teach about Zcash. Due to her experience with stationery, she uploads tutorials on how to personalize Zcash-themed items as a collaborator for the Zcash website in Spanish.
Also, she has voluntarily collaborated with designs for Merch in Zechub

Alexis López
Computer science technician - Journalist - Content Creator.
He has his own website where he writes reviews, sponsored articles, opinions, and much more about the digital world.
Recently, due to his activity in the Zcash community, he was accepted as a member of the DAO in Zechub.
He has had a good performance in the creation of content within the ecosystem, including audiovisual content for Zechub’s Dework.
He also is part of the Free2z development team and uploads content for said platform.
In addition, he writes content for the Zcash website in Spanish.
He is also part of the creators of Free2Z on Air.
His business is Tecnopapapi.
Bilingual: Spanish and English


Happy to see this proposal, as I love your work. Good luck guys :student: :sparkling_heart: :hot_pepper:


They have our full support and backing.

Without a doubt, direct, face-to-face training on Zcash and all this technology is very important.


Tremendous proposal! I’m all in support of you guys… Let’s go!