Anyone using the ubuntu 16 gpu miner from coinsforall?

im using ubuntu 16 with the gpuminer binary with a radeon R9 280
it gets arounnd 9sols/s
but sometimes it falls back to 2.3 sols/s

anyone seeing this also?

i get the feeling this happens when the screensaver kicks in. (and by that i mean powersave black screen)

That seems really, really slow for a GPU miner. Currently getting 28sol/s on just 4 cpu cores.

I am really confused. Currently I am mining on suprnova with two computers using linux and nheqminer per their instructions. The CPUs of each computer has 4 cores. After almost two days of mining, my balance is 0.0024 ZEC. At that rate, I will have a whole ZEC in about 900 days.

Please comment.

yeah… i just read another thread were people are saying goodbye to mining forever or go back to existing altcoins because this is not profitable anymore… it used to be fun in the old days but not worth it anymore.

if it is about supporting the network,
why dont those folks who get the 20% from every mined zcoin to invest that into thir own miners and support the network.

not saying other coins do better where some dare to launch while already having pre-mined millions of coins for them zelfs…

maybe its not profitable for us but it used be good fun… but those days are gone i fear.