PSU for 8 x 1070

Hey all. I have little experience with the 1070’s. My current rigs are 8 x 1080 units and im running a 1600w and a 1000w in combination to power them.

What kind of powere are you guys using to power 8 x 1070 gpus?


2x750watt psu will be enought

my 6x1070 using cx750+tx850 draw at wall 1000watt

Well, for approximation use this formula for your 8 GTX 1070

#of GPU * GPU Power Rating * 125%

1500W would be save, assuming your PSU is at Gold and above (Gold, Platinum, and Titanium)

I’ll be trying this

The wattage is way too high for 8 GTX 1070 Mining rig.

Also, per their description it uses 220V-240V. Is the wall outlet outputting these voltages?

Most importantly, why is it so much cheaper then EVGA 1600W P2?

it’s cheaper and provides more wattage, that’s a good thing.

For the voltage, I guess it depends on where you live. My wall socket is 220-240V, I guess USA is 110V? So yeah, probably can’t use this if you live in USA. Need a transformer if you wanna use it

Well, I personally believe better quality = more expensive.

I don’t know where OP lives.

I typically only like to use the EVGA Platinum or Titanium series PSU. Firm believer of you get what you pay for.

I’ll probably stick with a 1600w to be safe.

Thanks all.

it’s probably cheaper because there’s no ATX connectors. It’s purely for GPU.

Depends on how many GPUs you have too I guess, I have 12

I ran into the issue that the 1600w PSU wasn’t available when I was building. I have 12 computers running the 2x750 EVGA platinum PSUs. They work like a champ. As a bonus, they were only about $315 with the add2psu to connect them. The 1600 was at least $410. Every dollar counts. Something to consider that is awesome on linked PSUs is that you have additional connectors making it MUCH easier to configure the computer. A 1600w PSU has 9 VGA connections and 2 750s has 12 because each has 6. That has come in very handy. You will also get more cords to complete the build.

If I had it to do over again, I would use server PSUs as they are SO much cheaper. They are also easier if you want to use 220v (more efficent and fewer plugs) but live in the USA.

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This is what I WISH I would have known about before starting all of my builds. They offer a breakout board to power the MoBo CPU and SSD. I would have saved about 50% on my PSUs with this.