PSU Wattage Problem? Enough power?

So, hello:)
I bought some stuff for a Mining Rig. I have 4x 1070ti, 1x 1080ti and 1x 1060. My question/Problem is that i only bought an 1000 Watt PSU. Is IT possible to run my 6 GPUs on that? I mean i would optimize them to 80% GPU usage But overclock core and memory. Thanks for all your suggestions!! Thanks for your time!!

@ 80% power usage…
how many vga power plug-ins does it have… there is your first issue

Then the 1080ti, is it a 8+8 pin or a 8+6 pin
are the 1070ti’s single 8 or 6 pin or 8+6pin or 6+6 pin

Do you have enough cables?

And no a 1000w PSU running 80% power on the GPU’s is not enough
You would need a 1600w PSU

First of all, thanks for your answer!

So my PSU has enough cables. But i guess i’ll have to buy another PSU:slight_smile:

Might consider buying a second PSU and using something like Add2PSU to chain them together. 1600W gets very expensive.