Hi, I need Some Help For PSU of my Rig with MB “Asrock H110 Pro BTC+”:star_struck:

As You Know, This MB have 13 GPU Slot, i have bought 6 MSI GTX1080Ti Armor ,Pentium G3900 CPU , 4 GB Ram , 128 GB SSD … and the risers,
( Consider That i will add 7 AMD Vega 56 or 64 Later On This RIG )

but i dont know what PSU I need To…:thinking:

what if i change my mind and make this rig a 13 1080Ti… What PSU i should but for that?:thinking::thinking:

Also if you can… please Give me a Master Answer… how can i calculate PSU For Next Rigs…? i think the PSU Calculation is The Hardest Ste :expressionless:

My 1080Ti cards are clocked between 80-90% power to run at roughly 225W each. In order to power 13 of these cards you need an electrical system and PSUs capable of delivering 3kW + whatever the system needs. If you want to run everything at stock power (roughly 250-275W per card) you’ll need even more. Also be aware that some 1080Ti cards uses 2x 8-pin connectors per card, while other uses 6+8 pin. You have to make sure that the PSUs you get have enough connectors.

You’ll need more than one PSU, so make sure you know how to mix them properly.
I’ve got a B250 Mining Expert MB, which makes using multiple PSUs relatively easy.