Question for miners

Hello, this is my first post, I am currently in process of building my first mining rig with 2x 1080ti and 3x 1080 and I would like to ask miners one question - Is mining your full time job? In sense that you don’t go to work but just mine coins? If yes I would like to hear why and if no I would also like to hear the reasons. I am interested in your subjective opinion about the matter.

I bet mining is not full time job of any person. We have saved some money in the past and put it into mining to make some extra money.

whats to “work” about it ? it just runs …

why not actually “work” at something meanwhile and make more money ?

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@godanubis pm laid it down :raised_hands:
Point is don’t put all your focus in just one area for small bucks.
Diversify and vitalik will personally gift you lambos

the only work is setting it up at the beginning. If you wanna work, then start making rig frames and sell those

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My question was more like - Does mining make you enough money per month so that you can ( even with high volatility of the prices and rising difficulty ) afford NOT to have regular 8+ hour job (That you dislike). And that you can instead use those 8 hours that you would spend at “work”, doing something else. So my question is, not if mining makes you enough money to sit on your ass all day, but if it gives you enough financial backup that you can afford to be flexible with your TIME and explore other means of earning money.

Honestly, it can’t replace your full time job because you never know what will happen tomorrow. however, with careful planning and if you have the start up funds for it, go in big and use whatever you make to invest in something a bit more predictable?

i guess it also depends on where you live. if you live in a country where you can live for $5 per day that makes things easiest already. in europe or the US, you will not make enough unless you invest huge amounts of money.

do the calculation, and keep in mind that the profit in a month might be 200% or 10% of the profit that you calculated today. if 10% of the current profit is still more than the electricity, congratulations, you would still make money. just consider this as an extra thing on the side, but never as some kind of replacement for work. if you invest big, first reach the ROI point, then see how it goes from there before making any life changing decisions.