Total noob in bad need for help

I need some help and advice
I am a householder with a wait and 2 kids
I live in Egypt and work from 7 am to 7-9 pm
To get 3000 l.e = 150$
It’s low but it’s Ok in Egypt
I have saved about 24000 l.e =1200$
In the last 5 years
The banks here gives at best about 15℅ interest in a year
So i wanted a better investment to support the future of my kids
Some one told me about the crypto currency mining
He told me that a 1200$ rig would get me about 90$ a monthe
The rig would be as

Thermal take se 730 watt 1750 le
4 g ddr3 bus 1600 500 le
Celeron 1840 650 le
Aaron h81 pro btc about 2400 le
5 risers about 1400 le
3rx 470 8g MSI armor 35100=15300le
Kingston 120g ssd 1000 l.e
Custom made case for about 500 l.e
With a total of 23500 l.e
That’s nearly all I have

And I want to know would investing my money in the mining rig a good thing that can make me a better profit in the long run

What about the difficulty level the next year what would that rig get me then

And is it a fine set or needs to be modified

All I hope is that I can be refunded and get a profit from my money with a better rate than want the bank offers
Is that possible ??

And what is the ways that I can earn crypto currency other than mining

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English

Depends on electricity cost… if it is or it will be too high, than no if electricity is cheap/free you can buy some cheaper GPUs (290 or 290x) with more sols/s but more electricity.

At cryptocurrencies you cannot predict what will happen with price, but you can always sell your equiment and get some % of investment back.

You have to know that mining cannot always be just plug&play.
Sometime you have to buy new riser and change… maybe psu or gpu can die after some time and guaranty cannot cover or something like that.

I am not sure if I would invest all the money into rig, but I definitely invested some money into it :).

Thanks for your fast reply
The electricity is 0.96 l.e for a k
About 0.05$
Which means if my rig used 720k/w in the monthe I would have to pay about 20$
What is the expected consumption of my rig ?

2nd what is sol/s is this the hash rate ?
I don’t won’t to get a 290 cuz it would be easier to sell the 470 after a year or two if I needed to upgrade or if I didn’t get good profit

For the maintenance and so i think I wouldn’t need to get any extra thing in the 1st 3 months or so in this time I would have saved some money
I already counted some extra risers so it would be ready if I wanted some

What about the PSU is it good enough or not ?
Some pal told me that I need 200w per every card and an extra 200 for the mb.cpu.sdd.ram
Is this real ?

ANOTHER pressing issue
i found h81n for 67$ in neweeg but in amazon it costs 145$
(i will have to pay a 20% from any price as a delivery and custom fees )
a friend told me that newegg isnt granted like amazon
now this is overpriced for my balance

so i wanted to know is the h61n or the z97x a good enough Choose

and what is a good cheap replacements for the h81n ?

wow 0,05$ for 1kw you are living the dream lol.

I have 0,12€ per 1kw…

Well i just want to say that BE CAREFUL. You graphic cards might die, i will be a bit ignorant here but i guess its pretty hot in egypt are you sure you can keep your graphic cards cool when they run for months and months?

for moherboard : motherboard for Ethereum mining - Crypto Mining Blog

edit: why 5 risers if you have only 3 cards?

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about the heat i have a 9800 gt for my own pc and it works nice in the most time being inside the case but with the rig ther will be pleanty of spase around each card cuz of the risers and i will use a fan or an ac if i needed

5 risers cuz i plan to get more cards if every thing gone as expected

seen that post full of asrock mbs but i dont think that i will get a one
most likely i will get the gigabyte motherboard

Is this one fine

Getting 2 extra 480 8g red devil will make it cost 975$ adding 20℅ for the customs stuff that’s a 1170
Will need another 60 for the risers that makes me short for 30$ but I can manage

Dose the hash rate of a 8 g card high enough to be better than buying a 4g one for a cheaper price

yes its a good motherboard i have the same.

Best cards you can get for cheap minig are rx 470’s 8gb. Rx 480’s are expensive and dont get you much more.

here is what i got

cpu:G3900 CELERON
RAM:4g ddr4 ballistix by crucial
ssd:180g intel
psu:730w thermaltake 87%
3 risers
a 1* rx480 4g saphire nitro+
b 2* rx470 8g msi armor

the total price is about 1225$
is the mb realible ?
is the psu good enough?

what is the best os for mining i am going for win10 64x
what is the best wallet
should i use nice hash or clyemore or what app for mining

thanks alot

now that i have no money left to get the housing

i am thinking to put it in a normal case
1 card on board
1 card in riser
1 card in 2 chained risers
or make a wooden home made tray for the cards

what is the best idea for the housing ?

I would take stronger psu if you plan to have more cards than.

Home made case it could be also good if you build it properly.

In box will be too much heat

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I will get another PSU with the new cards in the future

Before starting miner. Undervolt and underclock all your cards. Then when you have enough pennys to spare buy a better psu :wink:

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Ok now everything is up and running
I used nice hash to test my mh/s
I was expecting 22+ for every 470 8 g card
And 25+ for the 480 4g
But I am really sad that every card is stable at 21 mh/s and no more
The total is 62-63mh/s and no more than that

Is it normal that a sapphire nitro + 480 4g gives at most 23mh/s???

For zcash mining? …

To think nice hash used ETH but not sure
Will try with Claymore today

You seem to be mining ether, this is a zcash mining forum you should pop over to ethereum forum for help and you will find out more about mining ether and what’s needed to get max speeds, zcash is a different coin with different requirements

You know what they say, “dont bet your farm”. Just risk as much money as you feel you can afford to lose.

For ethereum mining on AMD, make sure you get a card with high memory speed, dont spend any money on OC editions.

For zcash mining just get the cheapest card of the chip you aim for.

Make sure to undervolt the memory and the GPU. This will make your cards save energy, but in your case maybe most importantly run cooler and live longer.

Also last but not least, cryptocurrency doesnt have a fixed value or fixed production rate. It can change any time depending on how many people are mining, new hardware and if people are willing to the crypto or not. Its the same as usd/euro, except its not backed by any state and the supply is somewhat limited.

Oh i missed you already bought your rig.

Well like I said. Memory is the key in ethereum.

You can overclock the memory to gain some MH/s.

You can also change the bios, but be very careful with this, it can also destroy your card if you make anything wrong. Changing the memory timings in the bios can boost your cards over 25MH/s without additional overclocking.

I used to have all my bioses modded but i have removed it. Mainly because I mine zcash now, but also because the cards run cooler and I dont want to have a modded bios if I need to use the warranty now that the cards have been used 24/7 for a while.

But again be careful! I thought I broke my cards 2 times when I was modding them and got stressed like hell :wink:

If you modify your bios. Make sure you dont fuck up by using a wrong bios downloaded from internet. Different cards have different memory and might not be compatible. It would brick your card. Dead.

Thanks a lot H_Bozz

Actually I don’t care what to mine I am new so i don’t understand y to choose this currency or that
I just need to get the most $$ of my rig

I seen a BIOS modification tutorial and it seemed so easy
Just grabed the BIOS from the card using GPU.z
And modified the last 3 timing values to be like the 1500 value and flashed it agine

Is this good enough?