Question| Mine with AWS VPS

I have aws vps:
and right now I earn on him everyhour 0.03$ with faucets.

but I would like to mine zcash on him with nicehash and stop for now with the faucets.
can I make some profit?
i think only about 0.05-0.10$ (zcash) per day, not more of course.

and have any risk from amazon aws side? ban or some bonus charges due to CPU mining?

@koby: i am also mining with zclassic not zcash. But my experience with VPS( is bad, i am using nheqminer mining software.
When i let the nheqminer command to run and i close the putty software, it stops mining and thats why i make nothing with VPS.
I think the RDP will be suitable for mining.

screen -a

This should keep the mining ongoing if you close putty.

To see the screen again when you log on screen -r

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not see the screen again where my miner run:

it shows nothing and no miner running on the screen.

you should first type (before starting the miner)
screen -a

then your command line

then ctrl+a+d

and close putty

Then when you reenter

screen -r and it will bring it up

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how much profit in $ you will make per day wihen the rdp open 24/7?

about how to keep the rdp working do what trolloniex write.
its easy. I can help you over teamviewer or something.

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This time i am not using any RDP for mining. I have just an idea that it will work fine with RDP, may be my idea is not right.

How many instances i create in VPS? if i want to run another command in separate screen then what should i do?

Running another command for what reason ?

Mining needs all resources (~100% CPU)

Running another thread for mining. If does not it works then its ok

If your utilizing your CPU ~100% no need to run another instance you will have no gains.

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Just get a GPU (no point unless your instances are free)

Defiantly, i was just mining for learning purpose.

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