Radical “to the moon” thread

thanks again, john


new listing for zcash


interesting data in this thread in regards to zcash/other privacy alts

lots of good stuff in this thread

there only seems to be 2 DNMs that aren’t honeypots


Two more new Zcash listings:


:ox:…20 char…:water_buffalo:

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independent teams interested in building services for Zcash is a positive sign in my book :slight_smile: Zcash Service Status Dashboard


new zcash listing on an indian exchange

not bad, 4 new exchanges listing ZEC in the last few days.

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if you have a minute, and a youtube account; why not give this video a thumbs down :-1: https://youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OmMWeQHE2Og
if videos like this don’t get support - they stop.

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^^^^^^^^^ uhhhh

  1. A thumbs down is still engagement. (they’re actually sorta good) A view is still engagement. This benefits the creator.
  2. His points aren’t really terrible or disrespectful or that interesting. He just has a different opinion from us.
  3. Vote brigading this nobody’s video will make us look petty and scammy. Feels IOTA-ish.

His most popular video barely cracked 1k views. Maybe just let this one fade into obscurity. It’s doing a good job as is.

EDIT: More concisely: I think that the community looking like an on-call downvote brigade hurts the coin’s credibility. Engage with people thoughtfully. We’re real people here.


if the title’s “zcash is a scam” deserves to be downvoted. especially if the video’s making the rounds on twitter.

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not sure why all these new people joining our industry don’t just say they don’t like a coin; rather than calling it a scam. they don’t understand it’s terrible to call non-scams; scams. this is exactly how an incorrectly overused term loses it’s meaning. exactly why actual scams make it so far, and do so much damage. basically, people lack the ability to pick-apart an alt in a legit manner, so it’s easier to call it a scam. since around 2015 new participants in our industry have been a very unimpressive lot of people. crypto class of 2012 was definitely the best class out of all.

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you’ll just have to deal with it. honestly don’t care what you think. that video was on twitter with 0 downvotes. has a negative effect when people see “zcash is a scam” with nothing, but upvotes.

majority of people (including myself) only buy 1 high fungibility coin. when people see “zcash is a scam” with nothing but upvotes; a lot of times their decision has been made without even watching said video.

ZEC’s been dealing with this for years unchecked. not anymore!

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A lot of really smart people can be a bit mentally unstable - not to say he’s not pumping and dumping things, but at my core I feel something like ZEC will win, even though I’ll be hodling what little BTC I have until it proves to me it won’t succeed.

whoops lol

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here’s how it works: in the past people would make “zcash is a scam” videos, and nobody would challenge them.
nowadays, when they made a video like that; they’ll be forced to defend their statements

like this, and they’ll lose the debate

zcash won’t be their whipping boy much longer!

That’s up on what someone is going/aiming for.

Just saying because a price is low (goes down), for example due inflation, isn’t the best answer either. Following such logic it would be a good time to buy venezuelean bolivar as well.

Things, as most of us know, are a bit more complicated.

Our, ZEC price lose is in my opinion mostly due 2 factors:

  • high current inflation
  • low adoption to counter the high inflation.

Thx to the good tech & team it isn’t falling deeper. Not going into all the other smaller details, i guess it’s enough to get the brigher idea that the inflation is the main problem until 1st, 2nd or maybe even 3rd halving occuring, which is again up to how much adoption and use cases ZEC gets to compensate inflation levels.

About the chart itself. While the chart and comment “it’s a good time to buy” might be right just maybe right now it indicates it was just wrong the whole previous period, expect right bevor the spikes which resulted in a good profit for these that bought at the bottoms bevor the spikes.
In the whole other periods, which are the majority in this chart it was simply NOT a good decision and time to buy as it results in a loss at the latest date shown on the chart, simple and easy as that.

To formulate it simple, it’s a bad chart for every holder, it’s a good and interesting chart with some opportunities for speculators and traders that “catch” the wave from time to time.

I can’t see exactly what time period that chart is, but you allways just know IF it was a good time to buy and accumulate IF a spike followed more soon than late. More soon than lates means that other opportunities would have mostly been more profitable meanwhile from a traders point of view. I mean it’s like surfing, if you don’t have waves you don’t surf at all. To make profits (surf) someone needs waves. Or of course for the holders, it needs an continous uptrend, which obviously is missing in this chart.

This said, it’s not an argument to make the other side lose the debate for sure in my opinion.

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the whole point of this; dude called zcash a scam, but only proof cat offered is a chart that resembles almost the entire alt market, bitcoin included. this doesn’t indicate “ZEC is a scam”.