Random ideas thread

starting this thread, because, sometimes i randomly get weird ideas for zcash, but i’m not a programmer.
figured, i’d post some of these wild ideas from time-to-time in this thread to stir-up debate. view it as a thread for ideas to get shot down, or debated further. figured, people with programming skills could look through the “ideas thread”, and pick-out winners to build. mebbe bounties could be placed on really neat stuff! please, by-all-means, use this thread to post your strange ideas too!

I guess implement a feature that when updating Zcash it doesn’t halt the whole network???

From my understanding that’s one factor of why the price is dropping

is the network halted, or, is poloniex just a crappy exchange? because, i personally believe the latter to be true.

EDIT - no serious trader uses poloniex


Poloneix is the only exchange that “halted” anything. That should tell you quite a bit as to where the issue truly lies.

Oh oh I thought Zcash was having some update and it went wrong and poloniex messed up. That’s just scary. Poloniex can just change the price of the coin so fast

Polo is the number two exchange with most vol - had to verify this as they were for the most part at number one untouched for some time.
Other coins in the past which have been halted has had a direct impact to price across all other exchanges - sia, sjcx etc.
Having a dominance on daily vol can be just as severe to the currency than that of a 51%, case in point.

Which is number one now? Always thought polo was number one

Move over world, the koreans are taking over

Oh wow. The one question I’ve always had is why people don’t like Zcash? Go on any forum like Reddit and no one likes or even talks about Zcash in a positive light. Why?

There are enough people who like zcash, just you won’t find half as many in comparison to say Russia.
So going on english spoken forums you’re less likely to see a mention.

That isn’t to say it’ll stay this way, but for the time being, zcash is a highly technical project which is tougher to grasp than to what the other alts are pitching as their USP, so the barrier to entry is high.

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very hostile on some subs…but you need to realize a lot of people over there are invested in competitors (yesterday’s technology). it’s against their financial interests to promote ZEC. he’s my view: we’re the new kids on the block with the coolest toy. we’re going to go through a hazing period. longer we last; quieter they’ll get. another-thing, people using ZEC value privacy, and they’re prolly doing interesting things in life… so, i’d imagine arguing with XMR fanatics on reddit’s, not only bad for opsec, but a complete waste of time.

  1. we need our own media (blogs, memetics etc)
  2. we might need trolls to counter trolls
  3. we need more USD-ZEC exchanges (this should be a top priority; ZEC is vulnerable to certain market attacks.
  4. i’m sure there’s more, but i’m chillin RN

XMR and its sister AEON are good additions to ZEC and its brother HUSH.
If one happens to fail us - don’t kid yourselves, no code is ever perfect seeing as humans themselves producing said code are imperfect by design (pointless drama/circle jerking is one example of this trait) - you at least have another to fall back on.
If you’re interested in privacy focused currencies, you should be in favor of chaining instead of painting one another as the enemy; criticism is welcome but wasting our most valued commodity, time, is not.
Only when machines are sentient, rewrite their entire foundations and act alone without any prior instructions from humans that I’ll then change my stance on the true effectiveness of chains.

Still in the opinion that the fallout from TSB’s subscriptions in this month and the following shall be for what the silk road was for bitcoin.

I think when z-addresses are more “easy to use” will there be a move towards Zcash. I am not very tuned in with why z-addresses are not being used as often when that is kinda the basis of Zcash. Is the reason being that more nodes are needed or some update needed in he future?

The wallets provided by @vaklinov and @anon47418038 make this process easier than ever, so not sure on the “easy to use” argument.
Main reasons for lack of use when it comes to z-addresses is because of the required resources when it comes to computations for shielding which require a large amount of mem readily available.
Once resolved, would really like to see the default be switched to z-addresses and even better z-addresses ONLY as full and total fungibility should be our target.

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This is definitely not the case. The fact that you’re able to mine means that the network is still functioning (and you’re helping it function). You can also easily see transactions being added to blocks and confirmed by nodes.

This is an issue with Polonex. Yes, they may have attempted to upgrade to the latest zcashd code and hit an issue, but it does not in any way reflect on the health of the network.

Ah okay it’s the large amount of mem needed. That’s what I was confused on. Thank you

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Yup that’s correct. I was going by others complaints that their transaction weren’t going through other than poloniex. I didn’t know and still don’t know what’s going on with poloniex.

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  1. we need a media organization
    i’m (not bragging) a decent writer that would take time to blog about ZEC, and things. i’m a terrible coder, so, somebody HMU about building an okay site to blog from, and i’ll prolly even grab a couple more independent writers to write about other things of interest. (i’d stick to market analysis)

  2. we need an official wallet …how much would it cost me to have one built, and do I have any chance if recouping any money, other than possible improved exchange rate

EDIT - okay with wallet being open source (prefer that)
and don’t really care about making money outside of ZEC exchange rates, but it would be cool if the wallet performed a service we could charge for ; D …whatever …just a thought

RANDOM EDIT - what about a wallet that sold ZEC-BTC in an automated fashion, like shapeshift, but only for ZEC-BTC? imagine, a lot that could be automated, right?

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You think there’s a way to lower the RAM requirement to produce the Z-addresses? That in my opinion would be a game changer. Pools can use Z-addresses and everyone would use the anonymity aspect of Zcash which I think is the main spec of Zcash that has not been utilized yet.