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Was doing some thinking. I’m all for accumulating ZEC, but I truly think the next bull market we need to make people aware of the tech as well as holders of the coin. I am considered an indigent individual but still been chipping at the coin on dips. Unfortunately on the 40’s dip I haven’t accumulated because of personal finance reasons. I think there may be one more leg lower before the rally but I’m just an ordinary Joe.(so I’m not giving investment advice) Reason I’m bringing this topic up is, when we rally, we should rally hard. We have a low float, so let’s use it to our advantage. Once the price rise people will jump on our bandwagon, and that’s when we can remind them about the privacy tech and keep pushing it. It’s my belief if we don’t do this, the coin will fail or allow another privacy coin to over take the spotlight. I also think ECC and the Foundation needs it to also advance us as a whole and keep Zooko and others motivation alive. If it doesn’t they will start to feel like, let’s get the cash and run, even perhaps start a new coin. I’ve been telling people to buy Bitcoin, because I know where I’m from most people just want to make a quick buck, and where I tell them to buy, Bitcoin been able to offer that. I haven’t told them to buy Zcash, 1 because not every1 can HODL like me and I don’t want the coin to be pushed lower by them, nor do I want them to loose money. I know that will turn people away from the tech. I’ve informed people of Zcash but haven’t told them to buy it, same go for Ethereum Classic. With that said, when we start to look bullish, which I think is just around the corner. Maybe Zcash company can start a marking campaign with current holders to promote the coin with flyer information, kinda like selling girl scout cookies. Alot of great company’s started by going door to door. I would be happy to participate. Best advertisement is by word of mouth! The Coinbase earn was nice but we need to draw people in that are not yet invested in crypto and Coinbase earn can’t help with that to much. If anyone wants to contact me directly, I can be reached at P.S. ENJOY LIFE FOLKS

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