Radical “to the moon” thread

Hm Binance blocking bitcoin mixed in the wasabi wallet? This is bullish for zcash.


Bitcoin dominance looks ready to drop hard. Double top on the weekly strong RSI exaggarated divergence.


Be patient this guy has to fill his bag and it is a big bag.


Apparently you forgot the founders who are dumping on us , the only reason why i still hold zec in my portfolio is because i can’t sell in a loss , huge loss in fact , as soon as i break even (if that ever happen !) i will get rid of it …

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Dont know what your entry was but I suggest you start watching end of february-middle of march I think alts will rally a little until then. That would be my place to exit if I wanted out ASAP.

Something tells me ZEC makes the cut in every list US regulators come up with.

US Cryptocurrency bill 2020 is coming.

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This is a blockchain Alliance webinar with various law enforcement officials concerning said regulations about the functionality of privacy coins, this is a good one you’re going to want to listen to the whole thing
(obviously not everything’s going to listen to all of it but the main takeaway you’ll notice is they talked mostly about Monero and how its favorited among the dark Market privacy coin sector (still fractional to btc) and how the ECC and the Zcash community were mentioned specifically when it comes to cooperation)


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yuor link doesnt work the “description” is surpluss.

@CarpeNoctem sees huge multi month bull div.

Maybe try opening in brave

We returned to the previous level, we are fixed and go to test $ 50
As far as I remember, there was a dispute with KEK for 5,000, and KEK lost it, was there a payout?

@kek, i guess that by today you can admit that you lost that bet?

As i said some months ago i do not want the $5,000 the bet was about but a very fine, top and good bottle of whiskey (Bourbon if possible!). Do you mind preparing a christmas present for me?

You can pick one from my christmas wish list:

  • Blanton’s Gold Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Angel’s Envy - Cask Strength Bourbon 2015 Edition (750ml)
  • Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)
  • Barrell Bourbon 15 Year Old, 106.52 Proof (750ml)
  • Russell’s Reserve 2002 Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

:evergreen_tree: Merry christmas kek and all others ZECers :evergreen_tree:


Head & Shoulders pattern detected …

This doesn’t look good at all guys …

Volume doesnt match.

But let’s go down anyway.

Checked countdown clock showed 158 days🤔 is this possible? If so we are halving with btc…

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DM me an address. i’ll send you something after my surf safari.


Wait so we halve at BTC halving? Cant decide if this is good or not…

Really? Thought that depended on total coins mined, coins-per-block halved when Blossom activated (which halved the block time) so should still be the same.

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Could be a bug in the countdown site? We need some clarification here …

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Therefore, for the same number of coins, you need 2 times more blocks, the idea is correct, we consider the blocks and not the coins, so you need to look at the code, if the activation of division by 2 remains at the same level (block), then the idea is true, if done We are waiting for the revision in October.