30% jump past hour

Was there any news to cause a jump this morning?

edit: correction, now 40% jump

I assume that the cause is the improvements of the new version.

All the big alt coins jumped 5% or 10% this morning. I don’t know why. ZEC is now up 25% partly because it just happened to be a bit low. It was also the first to jump this morning. I happened to be watching it, and thought “oh, no, this is about to jump” and bought. And for some reason I also could see the peak and sold, right after the edit to my previous post. I predicted the rise and fall to within 15 seconds. Normally I can’t do that.

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; ) apparently you have the market pegged. awesome feeling, right? godmode!

Actually, now I’m looking at it and thinking it might soon go to 0.055 BTC and I already bought back at 0.062 so I can’t buy back in because of the extra exposure. And from there it could slowly fall indefinitelyif it can’t replace DASH and Monero.

i’m just gunna accumulate for now… prolly won’t even start really trading until we’re +$100!

I break even on ZEC due to ZP and CPU mining when it reaches $150. They delayed a month longer than I expected on release, and that’s when I knew I was in trouble.

we’ll get there! it’s only a matter-of-time. one announcement can make this happen. not joking!

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BTW, Sir Pepe the frog, REEEEEEE!!! It’s amazing you guys were able to get Trump elected.

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Can you guys adopt ZEC as your national currency? Would it be the first country to adopt a cryptocurrency as the official currency? Buying into it before you announce it as the national currency presents a moral dilemma. But judging by DOGE, there’s huge potential in this type of serious joke. Only pepe the frog could supplant DOGE. Shia LaBeouf would probably secretly jump on ZEC if Kekistan announces it as their currency, then he’ll publicly denounce the “criminal” activities tied to Kikistan and therefore ZEC which would only propel ZEC adoption (via LaBeouf / kekistan memetic powers).

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cannot take all the credit, but definitely helped ; D ,and it’s true! we literally shitposted trump into the white house!

also, i’m going to start a campaign for zcash to become the official kekistani currency! kekistanis are the most oppressed group on the planet, and OPSEC’s a top concern! tips hat

Your work in cryptocurrency could make you guys very wealthy via the jokes. “The idea of images of the popular green frog being “rare” started off as a joke on 4chan, where users would claim that their images of Pepe were rarer and more valuable than everyone else’s. It escalated into people selling their collections of Pepe on eBay, with bids reaching up to almost $100,000 before eBay took it down.” Image that with Zcash on poloniex

I mean I saw your user name and realized “YES, EXACTLY” you’re the kind of people needed in the ZEC space. ZEC is a dead-serious coin because of the anonymity, and kekistan is a dead serious joke. DOGE shows the potential of the combination.

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interesting side note http://www.lolzzz.net meme markets are becoming real! actually, completely fascinating to me!

Oh my… Still so much butthurt - long live kekistan!

Seriously, the only reason I could almost care one way or the other ('cause South Park absolutely nailed elections with this episode - - YouTube) is that the sjw crowd has gone ridiculously far off reservation. Just look at Canada…

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Are we seeing some price movement again here Zcash Price in USD: ZEC Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko ?