Radical “to the moon” thread

Further price reduction on the background of reduced strength?

I’ve been buying as much as i can!

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I wish you good luck and a big win

The US-Gov sending checks to every american has got to be the biggest hint hint wink wink ever. without outright saying “The jig is up” they are preparing Americans for a world where dollars wont buy air!

That bill failed, it hasn’t stopped the feds multi-trillion Lending project however

You can’t even buy fractional silver right now. Wait til you can’t purchase one whole zec.


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But the $2 trillion one passes
One representative thought to block it because it’s a terrible idea to which every other representative replied boo this evil coronavirus man

Fear turns to anger and thats no shit

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“Hinted Zcash could be onboarded next…”



looks like bitstamp might be listing zcash eventually https://twitter.com/Bitstamp/status/1245031419233079298


I really want to see them do it with zaddr support - now THAT would be something!

Thinking about it a little more, at this stage I’d settle for being able to withdraw to a zaddr - prevents snoopy people from seeing where I keep my money.


Feelin kinda :crescent_moon: ey idk…


gobble gobble gobble all the sub 50 zec

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Think one big blood before 50$…

The the road to the first zec halving will paved with federal reserve notes

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I’m going to have to read more about the meaning of red wedding because it just seems like a weird Billy Idol joke
(Hope none of y’all got sucked into any of that scammy stuff)


The Red Wedding is a scene from George R.R. Martin’s ASOIAF: A Storm of Swords