Radical “to the moon” thread

They asked me a question about a Jack White album in the memo field and I think it has to do with an earlier Jack White vinyl. Jack White apparently likes to hide never before heard songs in furniture and other places. It was prior to SNL airing so I think it doesnt have to do with Jack White’s tribute to Van Halen performance on Saturday night live. I am going to answer the riddle today. There are multiple sender addresses as inputs within the transaction so I was just going to take a good guess and send back a negligible amount back to a few of the input addresses with a memo and see what happens.


@eth03 How long did it take to get registered/verified on Gemini ? I’m wishing I’d started earlier… oh well.

EDIT: Two hours… it only took TWO HOURS !!

EDIT: Works great, love the shielded transfers… so, errm, sorry Kraken but its just not gonna work out, it was fun while it lasted.


Very interesting. Please keep us posted and let us know if anything happens once you answer!

Apparently I am not so well versed with z to t transactions. I tried different wallets and found that none support a memo field for sending to a t address, only a shielded z address. So, it seems like I need to find another way to answer this. Maybe Gemini has a shielded address somewhere.

My experience was similar. I was up and running same day instead of waiting days to receive 2 small deposits and then confirming those amounts. I only use Gemini at this point.

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Yes, encrypted memos are exclusive to shielded outputs, so the transaction must have at least one shielded output (one shielded recipient address). (So no wallet will support attaching an encrypted memo to a transaction with purely transparent recipients, because it’s not possible.)

The staked poll held last year had an interesting design: a transaction containing both a t2t nonzero transfer (to record the staked amount) and a t2z zero-ZEC transfer (just to record the vote via a memo).


Maybe ask on Twitter what their shielded address is if they have one. If you are lucky they may help you…

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Thanks I will. I’m enjoying this too much to just quit. I am also now the proud owner of a Jack White “Lazaretto” ultra LP because of this.


lol, you are my kind of crazy - please keep us updated of your adventures :slight_smile:


There is a month left before the reward halves, the event about which they talked and waited so much, finally the release will become smaller and zcash is waiting for public acceptance (I do not know how it should work) and then we will see massive purchases as a result of which the rate will fly to the moon!
How many did they say, 500 in December?

i’d be happy to just see zec around $108.

Easy, take a look at the course in June 2019 :slight_smile:

anyone want to speculate why ZEC is being hit so hard on OkEx problems, or just cleaving off the prehalving froth?

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It seems like it suffers on a par with everyone, I do not defend the fall in the exchange rate, because zec usually falls with everyone, and when everyone grows it still falls, but now I would not call it a fall, the question is why it does not grow before halving, many here told me that it will grow, but I said that no, it looks like I’m right, we are waiting for a month, then we will wait a couple more, but I think that this news will not affect him in any way, we will continue to go down in terms of capitalization by CMC


Q4 radical moon pump?

or waiting for 500 USD per ZEC to mimic 2016 BTC?

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My impression is the real pump will occur when the market feels more confident that privacy coins will not be (negatively) regulated out of existence.

Personally, I am waiting on Brian Brooks, acting chief of the Treasury Department’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, to further clarify the government’s position.

A “thumb’s up” to privacy coins by the US Government will certainly help Zcash further build it’s price and market capitalization.


Not like any government organizations could benefit from a Z address on a black budget program right?

I have always been under the assumption the government could benefit from using this tech, but at the same time they may not want the public to have access to private currency.

100% never will the governments of developed countries support anonymous transfers! If someone is waiting for a coin of confidentiality to appear that will be approved by the government and will have a wide coverage and volumes of transfers, then he will hardly wait, the maximum that this non-interference can count on while the volumes are at a low level.

Actually i think governments could support privacy coins under some terms.

For example ZEC adress holders must declare their ZEC adresses with a viewing key that allows for example the IRS to see/overview/check/investigate every transaction.

The pricacy towards other people of a currency doesn’t bother governments, actually it’s something needed. It bothers them that it’s hidden from them too.

Now the problem is that many privacy coins are exactly popular because it’s hidden from the government and a currency adding a viewing key might lose in popularity and demand.

Of course that’s just my personal view…