Radical “to the moon” thread

Are any wages or compensation paid to Bootstrap the org or Bootstrap stakeholders through the ECC fund(s) (General and Admin for example)? I’m brand new to the existence of Bootstrap in the past week and had no clue that Electric Coin Company is a subsidiary to it. Answers aside this is not the appropriate thread for this conversation.

i think this is the freest place on the forum for general shenanigans. i’ve never felt the banhammer of damocles here, fwiw.

this is how bootstrap should present itself

would still like to see minutes out of both organizations.

you can review tax documents to see salaries.


This last one I find agreeable, banned kek is on discord if you want to talk to him, happy cakeday Lawzec :cake:

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Manifest all of the best vibes for Zcash and the teams this Holiday weekend :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Halo goes live on Main Net in 4 days :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Almost there, cant wait for this!

If I had too many dollars and wanted to accumulate zcash cheap, I’d keep telling people we are in a bear too. :cowboy_hat_face:


The crypto world is about to change forever and 99% have no clue the importance of what’s about to occur on May 31


just saw the flexa spot on cnbc for chipotle…

so, only one intermediary hop from a private address to burrito.

just amazing.

(zcash was early to flexa with its birthday baskin robbins promotion – always a good feeling)


I love the idea of the moon for a strong privacy coin like Zcash but it is not going to be possible until the inflation rate drops down to somewhere that the market can handle. We will be under 4% after 2 more halvings so my napkin math says early to mid 2028. Prior to that frame ZEC holders are going to keep losing value as their coins get heavily diluted :frowning: If you are interested in joining my proposal draft effort for campaigning a new ZIP (like this one which was abandoned before a vote) - For a responsible software update for the Zcash supply emission implementation, Please DM!

im innit 4 the tech as they say –

im not really 21m scarcity guy anymore

im here for the shielded pools … getting the eye of sauron off our backs maybe more important than number go up

also, i sorta disagree. crypto markets arent fluid. how many zec are actually willing to be brought to exchange or market is significantly less than the current supply.

if youre hanging out in zcash forum in 2022, you got it easy compared to the year leading up the halving. we are on cruise control now. trite, perhaps, but i think patience pays here.


To your point about supply compared to exchange ZEC available… the depth chart over at Coinbase PRO is almost out of ZEC for sale?! Coinbase Pro | Digital Asset Exchange

My hunch is that this tactic is used by the market maker to bait in more traders

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The Second Handle of the Second Cup is my new band name

No. I think Coinbase can’t give people their ZEC because they don’t support NU5 yet so they stopped giving people ZEC to have less customers complaining.

that Coinbase issue was resolved Friday evening btw

Winter is coming

I’m sure that for Zcash exactly it will be the shortest winter ever.


‘Nifty’ is 2 syllables, 1 less than N-F-T. It only makes sense, ya heard it here first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: