Radical “to the moon” thread

I’d also like to say I agree with Zooko on, for now, focusing on Zcash as electronic cash
The pyramids base is the largest, the most accessible and the most important part of the whole thing
dapps will come and Im excited but if they dont last then whats the point? (I know some of you may disagree what with eth and zexe and all but I think the one that is the best at doing what it’s supposed to do will be prevalent)

Since yesterday i have readed and checked a lot regarding japanese exchanges and the FSA.

Here what i found out:

  • Not a single japanese exchange (i think i checked them all), has a ZEC, XMR, DASH, whatever even near to privacy coin. Wasn’t even able to find a Verge pair, just nothing on japanese exchanges that is even next to privacy coins, leave alone pure privacy coins.

  • Japanese exchanges don’t list many coins. Even the bigget japanese exchanges just have 3 - 10 cyrpto currencies and that’s it. Often included: BTC, ETH, XRP, VET, MONA, XEM. Seriously, nearly no other currencies. Seems again to have to do with the FSA, can’t think about another reason.

  • Interesting i found out that some japanese exchanges even have ATM’s in Japan, wasn’t aware of that, but sounds cool. Just as a side note.

  • From about 30 articles, reports, posts i have readed regarding the privacy coins vs. FSA it seems that the FSA clearly forced the exchanges to drop ZEC, XMR, DASH. Made it clear that every exchange listing privacy coins has way less chances to get a license or to get the license renewed.

  • I have readed through a FSA application formular. 100’s of questions there including a lot of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism funding guidelines/acts/etc.

-The applicant must list the currencies in the application form they want to have on their exchange, mostly the reason why there are only a few pairs and not to run into problems and/or delay approvement by the FSA.

  • From what i readed/understand on the different FSA acts/guidelnes/applicatons i had google translated it is necessary that funds on virtual exchanges must be traceable up to the source/country/person they are coming from and it’s not limited to the source bevor entering the exchange. There was even one example shown with the word: Tracing should not be prevented with “mixing” for example. Pretty sure this was the critical part.

If someone wants to read and translate all these acts/guidelines here the link:


Btc is making nice move…

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yes please @zooko noticed y’all skipped an important spot during your asia tour

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“The identity platform will use elements of the cryptographic concept known as a “zero-knowledge proof,”


“I’d like to know how they plan on identity proofing billions of people securely.”
Something like this could be really useful for a local dex, prove citizenship or proximity i.e. your country whilst revealing nothing else (ya know, for regulations)
(And just to be clear so no one has the wrong idea, I’m the one touting for the massively inclusive, computationally meaningful mining protocol that would allow everyone to acquire zcash anonymously)

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What a lovely climb!


Zcash trend is changing, what i like is that finally its started gaining against BTC which is important.

Mark Cuban just liquidated all sell orders on bittrex for zcash, HOLY CRAP

And i wondered the last days why Tezos made such huge jump in price … Makes just sense now after reading article. Holders with 10,000 US$ worth of Tezos can stake it on Coinbase and get rewards, nice …

Looks different on my end, but still a good up today …

damn, 1st april, hahahahahaha, good one …

Just realized it 1 minute ago when i readed on the bitcointalk forum about KYC requirements they are asking. Shitload of funny KYC questions and than i realized that your post was one too.


You know it man!!
Haha, happy to troll :smiley:


Eyeing a golden cross this is going to be insane.

This turned out to be completely wrong.

what? …20chars…

From what i understood from that post, the Binance announcement (more trading pairs i believe) only providing a temporary boost in price when in actuality it was a huge buy indicator with very large green buy candle(on daily volume). This should have signaled to you a reverse in market sentiment.