Radical “to the moon” thread

Over several bear market cycles, all traders have become so accustomed to the sharp drops of ZEC that the coin has become their favorite tool for short positions. Many realized that the coin has funds, and even when it becomes unprofitable for miners to sell, the funds will in any case be forced to sell the coin in the same dollar equivalent. As a result, all investors in ZEC became hostages of this situation. And another people don’t want to put in this “bag”, knowing that they money will immediately be taken out of it in another place. That’s such a sad truth guys.

We will hang out at the bottom until the supply of coins on the market artificially or naturally decreases: Posturity fund, PoS, halving - whatever.

Another option would be to find strategic investors who would buy coins from funds outside the market.

I admit that there are some large fish in this sea that use current prices to replenish their stocks based on the above reduction in the supply of coins in the market, but then we need to clearly understand two things: 1. They are still not interested in price growth, because the low price allows them accumulate more coins (which, according to the current conditions of the task, have a hard limit) and 2. We will have to be patient until the very moment of supply reduction.


It’s a professor coin. Useful for the tech, but I wouldn’t continue to hold/invest in it so the ECC and ZFND can dump and fund their friends/relatives.

I forgot where we were you talking about running zcashd in prune mode but it seems to work I guess. With the min memory param of 550MB the .zcash folder is at about 9GB. I’m not sure of the extent of rpc functionality but theres probably a few basic ones you can call.

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Hold your keys.

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