Random ideas thread

The Zcash team have done some work to reduce the memory requirements, however, not enough to be useful for mobile use. They are working on delegated proving, allowing light wallets to delegate the heavy math to remote services.

Do you think that would require extra time though? Best bet is that it would be almost instant.

What would require extra time? The delegation? Sure, there would likely be latency, but probably measured in ms for transit.

I'm just thinking that if what's holding back the use of Z-addresses is this memory requirement, what is required for this remote service to start? I don't know what technology would need to be used: Pure RAM, GPU utilization, or some other hardware. I'm just curious to see what it would take.

The Zcash team to write and validate the code :slight_smile:

Somebody mentioned Zcash should change our name. At first I did the eye-roll, but another post referencing zcoin; made me rethink that. We now have (off top of my head) Zencash, Zcoin, Zclassic, Zcash, etc - I see how this can be confusing

you mean a wallet like jaxx? that has shapeshift build in

Not to mention the BS that just happened with Polo where they assumed Zcash suffered from the same vulnerability as ZClassic and Zen.

Perhaps a name change wouldn't be so bad...


Yisssss, \o/ something like that

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but isn't zcash4win a opensource wallet ?
is is maybe a good idea to ad shapeshift support for that then ?

One of the reasons seems to be the hardware requirements to make a z transaction. Mobile apps supporting Zcash such as Jaxx and Coinomi only allow transparent addresses for this reason.

How about if some of the sports betting sites started accepting zcash as a form of deposit/withdrawl? Thats how i originally got into bitcoin/ crypto 2 years ago through sports betting.. i know i aint the only one. Its led me to this point, where im heavily invested in Zcash now, i think it could be the coin of the future. Theres really no "adaptation" for it yet and look at the value of it already... We gotta get this ship movin ! I wish there was a way i could buy zcash without having to buy bitcoin first.. bitcoins got us by the balls in that manner .. ive seen crypto "gift card" types the post office in austria is releasing.. Lets get some of them things over here in the usa at convient stores and whattnot.. i'd love to just be able to walk up to a wall rack at a 711, buy a zcash card with USD and load it up on my cpu when i get home, kind of like them paypal my cash cards back in the day

What if Zcash starts to add on features from other coins? Add on the best features of each coin. You can add features like customizing the coin. So maybe you want anonymity for one transaction but want a contract style transaction like Eth for another trade. IMO flexibility of coin properties can be a big hit. A LOT of work on the backend but imagine if you could customize a coin that has a base code.

Hush is already planning to tap into smart contracts so...

oh okay. Didn't know that. It'll add value to Hush. I don't see how it can negatively affect them

the problem currently is that there is just 1 exchange that support hush

There is, on kraken you can buy zec with fiat such as USD and EUR.

Figured this is relevant to the ideas thread "Z-Channel: Scalable and Efficient Scheme in Zerocash" https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/684
Shanghai Jiao Tong University! Sounds impressive! We're growing!!!! Super excited to see this!!!

doesn't it take awhile to get verified on kraken right now in order to use USD ?

how bout a localbitcoins.com type of site where you can buy/sell zcash through various methods ? Specifically aimed at zcash only ... when i buy bitcoin i always depsoit cash into someones bank account and i get my coin within 5 minutes .. I'd much rather buy Zcash with this method