Rate this Mining Rig!

Here are the specs I will probably use:

CPU: G4560
MOBO: Asus Prime z270
RAM: 2 x4 gb Corsair Vengeance
Storage: 120gb ssd
GPU: 6 x 1080TI (MIGHT UPGRADE TO 8 in Future)
PSU: 1 x evga 1000g2 + 1 x evga 1300g2

Will these specs let me upgrade to 8 x gtx 1080Ti’s if I want to in the future and will this mobo support it?
Thanks for all your help!

No it will not (characters)

Ok thanks, but for 6 gpu’s is this a decent rig?

I have read so many time how z270 A is good to build a rig but no so much with z270 p. So you need to ask the experts for more detail advise.

Do you think the z270-a will be sufficient or should I buy a ASROCK BTC mining board?

What are the differences between the ASROCK board vs the prime in your opinion other than the number of gpu’s supported?

Price and asus board is easy resellable (very valid MB for gamers, etc)