Please comment my RIG


Im new to this scene, and i wanna try with mining :slight_smile:

Wanna buy this :

12 x 6GB Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Strix OC Aktiv PCIe
2 x ASRock H97M Anniversary Intel H97 So.1150 Dual Channel DDR3 mATX Retail
2 x Intel Celeron G1840 2x 2.80GHz So.1150 BOX
2 x 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9 Dual Kit
2 x 120GB SanDisk Plus 2.5" (6.4cm) SATA 6Gb/s
2 x 1000 Watt Silverstone Strider Plus Series Modular 80+ Silver

Questions :

  1. How many Sols/s can i expect ? Iv read on web that i can expect cca 300 Sols/s per card ?
  2. Is 1000 W PSU enougj for 6 GPU’s ? Which PSU model would you recommend if aint ?
  3. CPU’s are ok ?

Thank you .

i would really appreciate the answer.

Normal rig.
Everything it’s ok for me.

Thanx, im buying this and i will post my results.


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The ASRock H97M Anniversary has only 3 PCIe slots

You must get the ASRock H97 Anniversary (not mATX factor) with 6 PCIe


I just checked and its true. Thnk you :blush:

Could you share what is your rate and power consumption per cards? Did you tuned the cards somehow?