ZCash send - didnt arrive

Hi there,

i send some ZEC from my t wallet to my z wallet.
the transaction has now over 90 confirmes.
rescan my wallet 2 times but did not arrive.
i use zecwallet light.
never had these problem bevore…
txid b7aeb9b8034864472211f475646b7a448ce78fdef3c0c45d34dc6bca358096bb


wallet to receive

any ideas?



Have you read through this thread?

Make sure your app is updated

I´ve both wallets version Zecwallet Lite v1.4.1
now iam trying it with fullnode wallet.
but its soooo slow to sync…

in which wallet are the funds? where i ve tried to send it? or did they never leave my wallet?

If you sent to an address, and you have a confirmation TX that you can see on the Block explorer then the funds should be in the address you sent to.


I don’t know exactly what happened in your case however.

Its confirmed 260 times.
but i didnt get this on my zecwallet light.
newest version.
so i have to wait for fullnode i think.
but syncing is 2.6% after about 2 hours…

so annoying :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

A possibility

so lucky…
my money is in my wallet.
i didnt do anything and now i see it in my wallet.