Reduce your electricity cost. Lower you GPU power usage - remote connection service - Windows mining rigs only

As some of you know I build & supply professionally built GPU miners for more than two years:

Now I like to introduce a new service to save you money, heat and increase cards lifespan.


Lowering power consumption to below 900mV have multiple benefits:

  • $$ electricity cost savings
  • decrease heat, hence saving on cooling requirements
  • most importantly perhaps, increased graphic cards lifespan. Graphic cards that are correctly undervolted, have a longer lifespan
  • in some cases, hashrate increase, due to poor overclocking setting, could be achieved

GPU I work with: AMD RX, Vega and Nvidia 10 series. I can look into other graphic cards models on request.

In order to assess whether or not electricity savings can be achieved on your rig/s, I would need the following:
a) GPUZ sensors screenshot (lowest & highest watts cards) or similar alternatives showing GPUs consumption
b) Miner screenshot
c) If available, wattmeter reading photo

Service fee: £35 per rig

In case you cards have modified BIOS, they may require a new BIOS to be flashed (in 99% of the cases it will be less modified). If the cards have stock BIOS then no BIOS modification shall be needed … unless… you are running GPUs stock BIOS and would like a BIOS optimized for your cards to increase their hashrates, in which case I would charge a one off fee of £10 each card model (different card models requires different BIOS settings). For example, if you have 50 cards and they are all the same brand & model, I would only charge £10, on the other hand if you have a rig with different cards model on it, each card would require a different BIOS. VEGA and Nvidia GPU does not require BIOS modification.
I modify BIOS files myself based on your stock BIOS, I do not download them randomly from the internet… if you don’t have the stock BIOS file I will recover it for you given the exact card model as printed in the box label.

You will recover my service cost through electricity savings, reduced cooling requirement, extended GPU lifespan etc in a matter of weeks.
Discount available for multiple rigs (5+)
Payment method: PayPal
Minimum electricity savings 10% (usually between 10% and 30%)

If the minimum electricity saving is not achieved no fee is due, I am that confident.


Undervolting and correctly overclocking, sometime may solve stability issues. Stability depends on 100’s of factors, mostly hardware related.
The process is carried out completely online using an application similar to TeamViewer and shall take no more than 1 hour (exceptions may occur but not likely)
A restore point will be create prior commencing. Any change can be revert back in a matter of minutes.
At times, people leaves graphic cards mining at stock, which mean their lifespan is reduced greatly. By undervolting and underclocking, hashrate may be slightly reduced. Approximate expected hashrate will be confirmed prior to commit.

I won’t leave you alone. If during the following days your rig shows stability issues (it never happens but if it does…) I will reinstate / restore to the previously created restore point and refund 100% of the money.

Get in touch now,

+44 0207 866 2386