Undervolting RX 580 and running a Linux Rig

There are basically no tools available for Linux, to mess up with voltage. Even Claymore’s options doesn’t work on Linux with a note, that the only way to lower power consumption is to modify the card’s bios.

I am having a hard time to actually modify the Bios in order to drop the voltage. I’ve been Googling on how to use the PBE (Polaris Bios Editor) to achieve that, but I failed to fined any significant information. I tried different forks of the tool, but with little to no success. The direct voltage numbers in PBE doesn’t seem to change anything. Someone wrote on BTC forum, that the only way to alter voltage is to edit the Hex Straps, but I have no idea on how to do this.

Any of you have any advice how to lower the voltage permanently? I had really hard time getting the Rig working under Windows, but it’s very stable on Linux with 6 GPUS. The only problem is that the rig consumes 1300W, which turns into significant electricity bill. I have 7th-card waiting, but the Rig has only 2x750W PDU, so I cannot attach another card until the power consumption drops. Currently my cards eat around 200W. Playing with MSI Afterburner / Trixx and other tools I managed to get the that value to 120W without dropping hashrate. I read that some people get even under 100W with RX 850.

Any tips and pointers really appreciated.

ps. How is the situation with NVidia cards under Linux? Is it also that hard to underlock the voltage?

Noone of you using Linux or EthOS?

Yo drx3brun,

I’ve just started mining and I have also been asking this SAME-EXACT-QUESTION. It seems the answer is NO.

I’ve asked on the ethOS support IIRC and the answer was NO. Maybe they are working on it for an upcoming update? who knows?

I’ve seen other posts ask the same question and it seems no one has an answer.

I have seen a tool called OhGodAnOffset mentioned on bitcoin talk that can undervolt in linux, but that particular tool costs 1.5BTC. A bit steep for me, but probably an easy decision if you’re running a sizable farm.

There is a poster on bitcointalk that seems to be working on undervolting in linux, I believe their handle is Wolf0, look for it.

Otherwise, its off to Windows, which sucks because the linux OS is fantastic for mining.

You might be onto something after all. They have some tools available. I’ve tested https://github.com/OhGodACompany/OhGodATool to lower core voltage and it seems to actually work in some ways. It shows that the voltage is changing, clinfo shows the new core voltage, but there are errros in dmesg.

Anyway after changing 1411 → 1145, power consumption drops by 10W per card. The same operation on Windows gave me 80W per card, but I am not 100% positive If I wasn’t actually doing undervolting at the same time - I have to repeat those tests. I will play a round with those tools, maybe try to reach the authors too. Thanks for the hint, I’ve never came onto those tools before.

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hi everyone I wonder if you can help me:
I managed to overclock my GPU using some instructions available in the Internet. What worries me is its power consumption. Is there any way to undervolt it in bios?

I made some test based on 1 GPU to give you an example:

1 x Ellesmere RX 580 MS-V34113-F1

ethOS local.conf:
1 ----------------------------------
globalminer ethminer
globalcore 1050
globalmem 2200
globalpowertune 3
flags --farm-recheck 200
globalfan 50
HASH = 25.19

2 ------------------------------------
globalcore 1150
globalmem 2200
HASH = 27.03

3 -----------------------------------
globalminer ethminer
globalcore 1250
globalmem 2200
HASH = 28.21

4 ----------------------------------
globalminer ethminer
globalcore 1350
globalmem 2200
HASH = 28.84

5 ----------------------------------
globalminer ethminer
globalcore 1450 - unstable
globalmem 2200
HASH = 29.00

6 -----------------------------------
globalcore 1380 - unstable
globalmem 2200
HASH = 28.94

The best option results I have with test 4. with 2 x GPU the Power consumption = 352 Watt

Is there anything I can do in GPU Bios to lower down the Power Consumption?

As stated in the thread you are replying to - there is hardly anything you can do. I’ve wasted significant amount of time trying to lower power consumption under Linux and never managed to succeed. Doing so under windows is pretty straightforward and works pretty well.

I swapped to Windows 10 today and 2 x RX580 about 430Watt and hash rate dropped to 24-25.

Are there any way to optimise win Ethminer?

There are tons easily accessible information on the Web about mining Ethereum under Windows. I think there is no need to repeat general guidelines. Just do some basic research, then come back with more specific questions.

How were you able to test the OhGodATool? Everything i have seen it looks like a paid for tool.

I did test the tool I liked to in my previous post. It is available on Github. Unfortunately I had no success in lowering the power consumption of the rig in any significant matter. I haven’t done big extensive research, but I wasted good 20-30 hours onto getting this done, and I achieved nothing.