Required time for importing private key?

Is it there some fixed time for which my private key has to be imported because I tried to import one key today and I’m waiting around 8 hours without result,the amount in the address isn’t small and I faced the “Witness for note commitment is null” problem before that on one of my other addresses so I’m aware for facing the same problem if I abort the operation.How much I have to wait ?

By default, it will re-scan the whole blockchain (it has to try and decrypt every single note to determine which notes belong to the address you’re importing), so it can take quite some time depending on the speed of your hardware. I would say ten hours (very roughly) or more sounds about right. When I’ve done this in the past, I’ve left it running overnight. I think it’s definitely an area that could be improved in terms of usability and performance.

The problem is that I entered the key but pressed \ accidentaly because its close to the enter button and then I tried again without the \ but there is nothing that changes but I’m gonna wait in this case