No response for issue of zepiowallet

Reported an issue of zepiowallet as following ui has no respond after importing private key, only showing 'loading' · Issue #143 · ZcashFoundation/zepio · GitHub
there was no more response. Can someone help here?

How long did you wait? Importing private Keys forces a resync (or maybe rescan?) as you have to verify all of your new Holdings which takes a while

I suspect that @andrerfneves wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Since you’re on a Mac, maybe use QuickTime to screen-record while it’s happening? Instructions: Record your screen in QuickTime Player on Mac - Apple Support

I waited for quite a long time, for at least half one hour.

If you have no luck I would suggest trying again and then just let it run overnight or for way more time than should be necessary, then you can cross that one off the list at least

I have tried with zcashd -rescan for the same laptop. It only took less than half an hour. However, for the wallet app, it took much longer than that. I reckon it should not take more time than ‘zcashd -rescan’ to complete.

Hi @lixujason, we saw your issue and have been actively trying to resolve it. As you also pointed out there’s an issue with the ZecWallet setup of importing private keys as well. The main reason for that is the RPC doesn’t expose info on the rescanning process (importing private key still does not work · Issue #137 · ZcashFoundation/zecwallet · GitHub). We’re investigating better approaches.



Just thought that members/people from 3rd party products/grant receivers/wallet providers could get some tag to their name. Means like the moderators, Foundation and Zcash Co members have.
Maybe something like “Wallet Support Members”, “3rd party support” or whatever.

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Good idea, added tags for Zepio and ZecWallet

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