Resell of 225H/s Genesis-Mining contract

FYI. Yes, new miners are coming out. But at current diff and price the contract will 'for now' ROI within the contract date. With margin.

That said, they will shut you down at any quantities.

Anyone? It's cheaper than any current cloud mining rates.

These cloud hash dirtbags are a scourge on crypto. Always a fresh batch of noobs that fall for it. Its unfortunate....

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LOL Ive got a bunch of cloud mining contracts for sale ........anyone.......anyone.........

I have to say, my contract with genesis is pulling fairly even with my own rigs. The payments are scaling with block reward and everything looks good.

that sounds interesting, but how would you set up zcash mining with

Each of my 60H/s contracts was upgraded to 75H/s. So now total 225H/s for the same price. Still cheaper than any other cloud mining rate. Anyone?

You gotta realize at this point , nobody is going to buy your contract unless its in the 2000~ range.

Better have a plan B

install nheqminer on ubuntu 16.04 and thats all, 5-10min for setup.

If I were you I would do what I do with my contract. Just forget about it. If Zcash truly grows up to be a Bitcoin competitor you might very well ROI still, it will just take a damn long time. We all made a bet when we bought contracts, right now that bet looks like a loser but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

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Really hope you ended up dumping this for $2500.

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Im retracing my offer doing 270h/s on Fury X now lol

I went full retard with the offer

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The guy was stubborn, had more than fair offers and yet still refused.

Instead of losing $5000, he will now lose the entire investment or 95% of it.

Feel bad for the guy.

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I feel bad. I just bought a used 7950 for $50 and I'm getting 150 sols/s....feels bad for him man.

in 10 years you gonna get your roi
if profit stays at same

Lol Trolloniex was about to question your sanity when I saw your offer knowing you run your own rigs also​:joy:

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Wait, there are people that actually paid almost $8000 for 225 H/s over a one year period??? Is this even real, just what!?

Check the scammer’s site. The rip-off prices still there, and “SOLD OUT”. :expressionless: