Restore wallet from memonic seed phrase

Hi ! i have address: t1gyJeWownZrpstwETf9R7GYSsQGUs93X7r
I created address in openbazaar project.
I have mnemonic seed phrase.
I created transfer in wallet for test: Transactions - Zchain

I am setting up an api for a wallet.
I have two questions.

  1. How can I import this address to my wallet?
  2. Is there an api to connect to online ?

You should contact openbazaar but it looks like it uses the bip 39 method so extracting the key with a mnemonic reversal tool may be possible, zecwallet lite supports seed phrases but idk if they’re compatible

  1. I install zcash node
  2. I install Zecwallet.Fullnode-1.6.2

Now when i run wallet i connect to new wallet what was creating when i run wallet.

How can i delete wallet what i connect now and add wallet from seed phrase ?
And how can i generate private key from seed phrase ?

Zecwallet lite supports seeds, not fullnode but to derive the key you could try some mnemonic tool like this GitHub - iancoleman/bip39: A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes, it seems to have a setting for Zcash but I’m sure you’ll have to fiddle with it. There is an online version but personally I wouldn’t put all that on the internet :grimacing:

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Thank you. Surprising …
The program, which was supposed to appear one of the first, still does not exist … This speaks unfortunately about the quality of developers in this environment.

Well you could contact them [at] adityapk00 right here on the forum and they might have more insight about how to go about doing that if you haven’t resolved it.

Thanks ! this project is great.

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tell me pls how to generate Derived Addresses and private keys for sheild address

Best bet is to run a full node and create Z-addresses that way. I don’t know why everyone wants to skip this simple process. Once running you can easily create T and Z addresses all you want and export/import private keys.

Many tools that were made for seeds/bip recovery are designed for Bitcoin and won’t work for shielded addresses.

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You can scroll up a bit and theres a link to a mnemonic tool you can try but I agree with Shawn, you should ALWAYS have the keys to your wallet

To be fair, keys created in zcashd cannot be used in zecwallet or nighthawlk AFAIK. They want a seed phrase.

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Yes please, seeds words should ‘Just Work ™’ on all zThings.

Its on the NU5 feature list zip32 I think plus unified addresses zip 316 plus a dozen others so its a great time to backup!