Restore wallet from memonic seed phrase

Hi ! i have address: t1gyJeWownZrpstwETf9R7GYSsQGUs93X7r
I created address in openbazaar project.
I have mnemonic seed phrase.
I created transfer in wallet for test: Transactions - Zchain

I am setting up an api for a wallet.
I have two questions.

  1. How can I import this address to my wallet?
  2. Is there an api to connect to online ?

You should contact openbazaar but it looks like it uses the bip 39 method so extracting the key with a mnemonic reversal tool may be possible, zecwallet lite supports seed phrases but idk if they’re compatible

I took the Atomic wallet now.
From the seed phrase, I got access to the wallet.
But I couldn’t do it in zcash wallet.