Finding Seed From 0.6.3?

Hi I know what a seed is but I have an old version of the zecwallet (0.6.3) and it never asked for a seed. I always thought this was stupid.

Anyway now I installed zecwallet-lite and it asks me if I want to create a new or restore an old wallet, and if old then it wants a seed, but I don’t have that from the old wallet.

I can still access the old wallet using 0.6.3. Thank you.

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Hi @zquest ZecWallet Fullnode doesn’t support seed phrases so if you want to migrate from ZecWallet Fullnode to ZecWallet lite you will need to send the funds (Z - Z for privacy) to a new address on ZecWallet lite.

As far as updating ZecWallet Fullnode, I’ll defer to @adityapk00 but I believe you can just down and install the latest version from the repo.