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I format my pc, i want to restore my zecwallet lite using seed phrase, is it possible to restore all my z wallet address in my zecwallet lite because i have multipe z address in my zecwallet lite desktop. I know zecwallet lite now have errors n i cant click it anything. Maybe if next day zecwallet normal again if i possible restore all my z address in my zecwallet lite desktop just using seed phrase because i didnt save my private key. Thank you for answering.

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The below is from: FAQ - ZecWallet Docs

“Can I import private keys from a recovery phrase / BIP39 Mnemonic?

No, ZecWallet cannot import private keys from a recovery phrase directly. To do so you will need to extract your private keys from the recovery phrase. You can use a tool such as the BIP39 Mnemonic (your recovery phrase) and choosing Zcash as the coin.

Once you have entered these values look for the section entitled Derived Addresses which will list all the derived addresses and private keys for those addresses. You will need to import the private keys for any transparent addresses where you have funds, remembering that change in transparent addresses goes to a new address.

Be very careful with your recovery seed

Access to your recovery seed allows anyone to steal all of your Zcash. Though the tool listed above runs locally in your browser and is fully open source, you can always save the HTML file and run on an airgapped offline device for extra security.”

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So i can restore all my z address using seed phrase?

I am not sure, and don’t want to steer you wrong since I have not personally done this. So I suggest waiting for more input if you are not confident. I just wanted to share what I found straight from the zecwallet docs.

Okay thank you for answer. Any clue why now zecwallet lite desktop not working?

It is my understanding that all addresses you generate on zecwallet are derived from the same original seed.

I have not done it myself, but some guy on twitter with the same question/issue restored the original zecwallet seed and kept adding new addresses and eventually all the old ones popped up, including their respective balances, of course!

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I cannot do anything right now because when i install zecwallet lite desktop it cannot run and i cannot click anything. Thank you for answers

You might want to try Ywallet that also support zcash. Not sure if it would work though… You make a new account and specify it as zcash network (not ycash). You’ll then be invited to type in a seed phrase for recovery.

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ZECwallet lite is having issues for past 2 days. Use ywallet desktop and import your keys. It should work.