Risers 16x 16x powered or not? 7x1080ti

I’m building a rig with 7x1080Ti for 3D rendering AND mining Zcash.
It’s not recommended for me to use 1x 16x USB risers because it’s too slow bandwith for 3D rendering.

Motherboard is ASUS x99 E-10G WS because it has 7 PCI-E 16x slots
CPU is 6850k because it has 40 PCI-E lanes

It leaves me with 2 options:

A. Full watercooling (around 1300$ for blocks, pump, reservoir, radiator, etc)
B. 16x 16x risers with open air case (around 300$ max)

I understand to avoid interference between cables I need shielded risers OR manually add aluminium foil.

Should the risers be powered or not with this motherboard?

For reference:
16x 16x riser: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0739Y2P4B
with power: https://www.amazon.de/roujia-Kabel-Express-Extender-Flachbandkabel/dp/B073WRTQFL

Thanks for your help!

You cannot put all 7 cards on that motherboard… they wont fit. you can put max 3 (the 1080 TI are big)

and those raisers you linked with the ribbon are old.

use these:

dont buy sata risers, buy risers that have molex, coz 1080ti pull more amps that sata can output, molex support 11amps at 12v while sata supports 4.5amps, and according to tomshardware test 1080ti pull more than 4.5amps from pci slot

This motherboard have 7 pci-e slots so you can plug 7 cards directly if you convert them to Single-slot with watercooling.
Or just plug 7 risers and keep the cards dual-slot.

I said in my post i’m not interested in 1x to 16x risers because of the slow bandwith which is OK for mining but not for 3D.

So you advise this ones?