.rst works okay on the forum for formatting

This probably wont help too much for these proposals, but you can just write in .rst format on the forum. it doesn’t completely work, but it is good enough.

The next proposal (the burn ones) will be in .rst format. you can cut n paste the raw and just change the bits relevant to you and it should all be good. I will probably get around to writing a guide for it and maybe trying to find a plug in for it in the forum. (there might be another one posted in this format from someone else first. we will see. the race is on :slight_smile: )

I cant believe I didn’t check this until helping someone else out. - .rst is much quicker to do than a forum post, when you use a template.

anyway. I hope this helps someone.


@daira @george it would be ideal for the ZIP process to also allow Markdown formatting for ZIPs that don’t need more advanced .rst features.

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I considered that, but I would rather keep the allowed markup languages to a minimum, and pandoc does a serviceable job of converting md to rst (with some manual tweaking) if needed. rst is slightly more clunky for beginners but it is well-documented, and not much more difficult than Markdown.


To be honest, .rst and the forum go together pretty well. the only stuff that doesn’t work is


for title block sections.

Here is an example of all the .rst I use in my zips and templates and how they can just be cut n pasted on to the forum. It is amazing how stupid I was not to try this before. I doubled my work and made things overall just harder.

for simple non technical zips you essentially just need to know that:

discussion can be found here `title for the url <actual_url>__. ` will make “something here” a clickable link that follows through in .rst note the backticks, double underscore and a fullstop - this is needed

This doesn’t set up a link on the forum though because of the backticks. it makes it a code block. but the url still shows, it just isn’t clickable.

Headings can be the same

==================== would make the line above a heading, just like the forum will, I always make sure there is the same number equals signs per letter, idk if this is a requirement.

- list item will make list items. note that is minus symbol followed by two spaces. this is important. but also works on the forum, use this method to list within a list.

code blocks go in backticks, like the forum. (or you could use bbcode or markdown, but the forum accepts backticks.

**bolded text** is the same as the forum. (double stars to bold stuff)

I personally like to use bbcode on the forum, that way I know it is a forum post. and the I like to open and [/] to close. but I have deliberately used .rst in this post. I will edit the post in a bit so people can see the raw version.

Note I had to put the first example with the url, using backticks portion within bbcode tags so you could see the backticks. This is not needed.

it doesn’t look perfect on the forum, but it works. (urls are a bit janky)