Sub category in proposals?


I was just thinking, my zips are in a “past first draft phase” and have had extensive modification and clarification from the original posts - which were just general attempts at getting it right.

Would it be useful to have a “need help”, “first draft” or whatever category so they can be posted there? Then worked on and subsequently proposed in the main thread getting the better formatted more well thought out proposal more attention. I know it is kind of a bit late for this already. but maybe for next time? or is this more trouble that it is worth?

I really want to get fresh community feedback on my new fleshed out proposals. I guess we will see what happens. I have bumped and edited.

It feels like bumping my posts doesn’t really help tho. Also people cannot remove likes, and I have changed the posts enough that they may not want to have a like associated with it anymore.

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Hmm, even proposals that haven’t been fleshed out fully are up for feedback, so I don’t think we need a distinct category.


yeah I was 50/50 on the idea too.

part of me thinks it would stop someone taking on someone elses zip if it never leaves the “practice area”. which is the exact opposite of what we want.

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