Rx 460,470 and 480 speed?

What is the speed of these cards: Rx 460,470 and 480?

What is the speed of these cards: R9 390 and R7990
R9 390 - now 10.9 sols.
R7990 - 12.8 sols

not to slow?

The 7990 seems a bit slow. We have one here and it’s avg is 23sol/s… (11-12 per 7970 core)

I have a GT630 that is doing about 6? I thought the R9s are supposed to kill the old Nividias.


That 390 number looks low. Have you tried a miner with the silent army kernel? Even my 280x can get 14.8 sols.

Asus STRIX GTX 970 = 19 Sol/s

2x Sapphire RX 470 8GB = 33.6 Sol/s

Should be higher once the miners mature.

Edit: adjusted settings, had CPU mining on still.

can you please pm link on that miner

~30H/s RX480 Stock, Win10

My GT640 is only getting ~4H/s, overclocked 1110MHz GPU

My GTX 660 Ti is only getting ~8 H/s, not sure what I can to to improve that.

My R9 280x get about 30 sols

rx 480 x4 mod bios
124 - 134 S/s

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4x rx mod bios
win 10
Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v1.0

can someone pls write rx 460 hashrate with silentarmy miner or claymore’s miner plsss

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Getting 50, 54, 44, 48, 50, and 44 on my R9 390s and RX 470s :slight_smile:

Went from 160ish Sol/s to 290 Sol/s with Claymore’s Miner!!

If you need modded bios for those cards let me know. :wink:

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I second this pretty please anyone with new miner on rx460…? It’s a very efficient card. Sol rate anyone? I’m estimating around 30 because the 470 is seeing 50 or more on silentarmy

Clymore miner 2.0 with Sapphire RX 470 nitro+ stock @ 37 Sol/s
Same card with modded BIOS (1500 memory strap) @ 41 Sol/s

Both not overclocked.

44-50 on the 470RX? what model? modded?

Only 19 S/s Rx 460 2G on Claymore 2.0

Getting 51-53 now :wink:

Sapphire Nitro+ 470 8GB

1750 → 2000 Memory Strap Mod

Raised the max OC potential of the RAM to 2200 and set the actual clock to 2160.



Do you mean you raised the max OC potential of the memory clock to 2200, but actually have it clocked to 2160?

So yo’re running at 1260/2160 with only the 1750 strap copied to the 2000 strap?