Rx 460,470 and 480 speed?

What is the speed of these cards: Rx 460,470 and 480?

What is the speed of these cards: R9 390 and R7990
R9 390 - now 10.9 sols.
R7990 - 12.8 sols

not to slow?

The 7990 seems a bit slow. We have one here and it's avg is 23sol/s.... (11-12 per 7970 core)

I have a GT630 that is doing about 6? I thought the R9s are supposed to kill the old Nividias.


That 390 number looks low. Have you tried a miner with the silent army kernel? Even my 280x can get 14.8 sols.

Asus STRIX GTX 970 = 19 Sol/s

2x Sapphire RX 470 8GB = 33.6 Sol/s

Should be higher once the miners mature.

Edit: adjusted settings, had CPU mining on still.

can you please pm link on that miner

~30H/s RX480 Stock, Win10

My GT640 is only getting ~4H/s, overclocked 1110MHz GPU

My GTX 660 Ti is only getting ~8 H/s, not sure what I can to to improve that.

My R9 280x get about 30 sols

rx 480 x4 mod bios
124 - 134 S/s

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4x rx mod bios
win 10
Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v1.0

How to MOD bios ?

i would like to know bcoz i am buying 4 cards of sapphire nitro rx 480

can someone pls write rx 460 hashrate with silentarmy miner or claymore's miner plsss

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Getting 50, 54, 44, 48, 50, and 44 on my R9 390s and RX 470s :slight_smile:

Went from 160ish Sol/s to 290 Sol/s with Claymore's Miner!!

If you need modded bios for those cards let me know. :wink:

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I second this pretty please anyone with new miner on rx460...? It's a very efficient card. Sol rate anyone? I'm estimating around 30 because the 470 is seeing 50 or more on silentarmy

Clymore miner 2.0 with Sapphire RX 470 nitro+ stock @ 37 Sol/s
Same card with modded BIOS (1500 memory strap) @ 41 Sol/s

Both not overclocked.

44-50 on the 470RX? what model? modded?

Only 19 S/s Rx 460 2G on Claymore 2.0

Getting 51-53 now :wink:

Sapphire Nitro+ 470 8GB

1750 -> 2000 Memory Strap Mod

Raised the max OC potential of the RAM to 2200 and set the actual clock to 2160.