RX 460 Solve Rate / Speed

how many solve rx 460 does per second ?

Interested in this as well. Nothing referenced yet online. It's probably not a sound decision to fill a miner with these but still interested in the sol rate. My guess 10-15 sols with current mining software but lets see what the community says.

with genoil 0.5 ...= 15/17 Sol/s

Then i guess it is close to 30 with silentarmy and claymore's?

I have 20-21 hs/s with claymore on a 4gb rx460.
I dont think this card can be faster!?

try with -i 2 if you have powerfull processor.

Is this with stock bios?

I tried it with -i 2 but there is no difference.
Yes its a stock bios from a strix asus rx480 4gb oc card.


Would this firmware update help speed any?