Most recent with v8 claymore rx 460/70/80? or 7990?

i’m looking for a card that is bang for my buck, i’ve put in an offer for a 7990, which hashes at 400+ per card, but i want lowest power consumption as i pay 0.15GBP kWh. What are the hashing rates and power consumtion’s for the rx 460 4gb, up to 480, i’m not looking to spend a lot as its a hobby.

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Hi Op. here is a great reference wiki with multiple entries for hashing rates (Sol):

FYI I wouldn’t recommend a 7990. They run hot and use a lot of energy… maybe look at an rx470 or rx 480. If you wait they may come down. Amd is releasing a new card soon. Rx490

single card 7990 speed sol/s in 7990, power 400 w
fan speed 45% the temperature 78C°

@Matthium seems your in U.K. Like myself, what you need is a 460, 470 or 480 as they are good with energy and have a great hash rate that’s been improved with software updates,I run all 480 and couple of furys but if you decide on a 460 I have new one here that I can sell you cheaply £70 free postage :smile:

i Ended up getting a 7990, i mean i only paid 150£ which is pretty good! it runs at 400 hashes, which with low end cards 4 of them would get around the same wattage and sol rate. Yeah energy here in the UK is expensive!

you put 7990 where i guess u were meant to put sols? :stuck_out_tongue: what sol rate do you get?