Rx 480 Fine tuning Help (will pay for help)

Hi there,
Im currently working with 3 Powercolor RX 480’s 8gb and trying to tamper with the settings to get maximum performance. I have modded the bios and saw a slight increase on each card but weirdly when I Change settings in afterburner, each card performs differently with the same settings. I’m doing ethereum mining just to get the hang of it first and will switch once I understand abit more. Right now Gpu 1 is doing 29.8 mh and using only 100w± but on 2 and 3 I can only reach a maximum of 27.8 mh and the power usage is higher! Whereby gpu 3 once did reach 29 mh as well but after a restart It was back to 27… I’ve tried everything on afterburner to reach a better hash rate but no success… I have seen these cards run at 31+ mh on YouTube and have read many people getting these results… What am I doing wrong? I would gladly appreciate any help, and I’m willing to pay the person who can help me get all cards running at 31+ mh

You forgot to check the box “apply at startup” in MSI Afterburner

Use GPUZ and check memory brand of each one of your cards

I have Samsung memory on all Red Devil RX 480s 8gb’s, and also after the restart I added the same settings as before… What I don’t understand is why all cards perform differently with same settings even though they are theoretically all the same… Any ideas?

Are all this cards directly on the motherboard?
If yes it can be thermal throttling
You can max fans speed and lower TDP too improve cooling

What do you mean by directly on the motherboard? They are connected via powered risers into pcie slots 1 to 3…
I have a small update though, I downloaded the unlocked bios from PC and modded the 2000 strap, after some testing I’m getting stable 29.8mhz on all three cards which I’m very pleased about. Core clock is on 1200 and core memory on 2150, if I move any of this any higher it will crash. What possiblies are left to move even higher?

I was meaning without risers, my current case
Maybe :grinning: