RX 550 Sol rate

Hi guys has anybody tried the RX 550 4GB for Zcash mining and can tell what sol rate it is? See there is a Sapphire Pulse RX 550 4GB available and they are really cheap

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I know it's not the same card, but you should expect it to be slower than an RX 460 as it contains almost half the shaders (512 vs 896).

I've been getting 110 h/s at most with the 460 4gb from gigabyte. And have not been able to overclock at all, I assume due to lack of 6 pin and power requirements.

Thanks....so going by that logic one should expect about 50-70 sols which is not that great

I don't have any AMD cards, but my GTX 970 performs at about 270H/s while the 1060 performs at 290H/s. So even though it's a lower model- it performs better with new silicon. I would do some extra searching and find some real world results.

The RX550 is a brand new card (running on Polaris). However, the 560, 570 and 580 use the same silicon (14nm Polaris) as the previous generation (460,470,480) with higher clocks (Typical AMD - :wink: ). The 560 is an exception; AMD decided to unlock 4 extra compute cores (Which a developer and overclocker did for the 460 last year) so a performance boost would definitely be noticable even with lower clocks.

I wouldn't reccomend the RX550 for £80 because for £110, you can get the 4gb 560 which definitely be a performance boost (Probably around 2x performance) and only for a £40% price increase it's probably worth the extra cash.

To be honest, even the RX 560 isn't worth the cash! Don't make the mistake I did buying a 460 to test. http://zcashbenchmarks.byethost16.com

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Seems that Nicehash tested the RX 550 and it gives stock about 60Sol. As I have an old pc lying around with no PCIE power supply I do like the idea that this card gets it power from the motherboard so it might be a nice card to refurbish an old pc?