Worth getting a RX560 4GB over 2GB?


I have a spare PCIe x4 slot in my NAS. I'd like to fit in a RX 560 card in there as the power supply can handle it and the thing runs 24/7 anyways.

The 2GB version is a tad cheaper obviously(-$30) but would it result in significantly lower performance minig zcash compared to its 4GB counterpart?

I'm not looking for max profitability but if there's a noticeable difference, I'd pay the extra and get the 4GB one.
RAM clock speeds are the same on 2GB and 4GB from what I saw.


Short answer, if you can afford the price difference, then buy it. You make get a slight performance increase in this or another cryptocurrency AND the resale potential is higher with a 4gb card over a 2gb card.

everyone here is building with 560 and 1050ti now since all the other cards are to the moon\
im surprised its to the point where people are building with 560

Thanks for the advice.

In my case, I'm looking especially for a card in that power consumption range. I have a 300W PSU in my NAS and it wouldn't handle a RX 570 that well with all what's already hooked to it.

It might work fine if you unvolt + overclock it. But IMHO, RX560 and 1050Ti cards are useless.

It's funny you mention this @cryptomined, I have been reading and seeing mention over the last few weeks about people using Nvidia 1030 (single slot) with a roi of about 60 to 90 days per card and the amd 560 roi of 90 to 120 days (except for zec which had a faster roi) and requires little power to run.

With the single slot 1030 or 560 you can just pop one ( or how ever many slots you have open) in an existing computer and start mining.

I never thought about using a budget GPU like them and get a $30 to $50 a month return out of them

Why are they useless? They do generate a good hashrate for their power consumption and their price is proportional to the performance they offer.

I understand where space is an issue, you're better with beefier cards.