Sapling HD wallet


Since Sapling z adresses can be HD now, i’m looking for a tool to generate private and public keys from a seed.
Is there a tool ready to use for generating Sapling keys from a mnemonic ?

Something like this one would be nice :

Thank you.


Bump. I’m looking for the same.

Also, if anyone has an idea how to do that for only one address (generate a Sapling z-address private key from entropy that I provide), please share it!

Try searching for zecwallet paper wallet. The source code is also available on GitHub. I recall there was no official support for HD wallet.

I think this is because they don’t want to support making a lot transparent address and also don’t see a need to create multiple z addresses under a root key.

Thanks. The problem with zecpaperwallet is that you can’t define the HDSeed value, so the HDSeed can’t be used for restoring balances, rendering it nearly pointless to have.

@adityapk00 do you think you could add an option to derive z-addresses from a user-provided HDSeed? It would make this software so much more useful!

This is a good idea. I can implement it.