Sapling Vanity Address Generator with zecpaperwallet

zecpaperwallet now features a vanity address generator that is reasonably fast, and can generate sapling addresses with your chosen prefixes!

Download: Releases · adityapk00/zecpaperwallet · GitHub

./zecpaperwallet --threads 32 --vanity "paper"

zs1 paper m9mscgus4j9vth8w7cnu6pyx5azvtzm9lmu58ncfv8zh5hqe6zta2m2llx85qx8xydmywn

Generating address starting with "paper"
Checking addresses at 78285/sec on 32 CPU threads
    "num": 0,
    "address": "zs1paperm9mscgus4j9vth8w7cnu6pyx5azvtzm9lmu58ncfv8zh5hqe6zta2m2llx85qx8xydmywn",
    "private_key": "secret-extended-key-main1q94wrlsvku8sqqyzarf2gz60d8jx8vknvgcfayce95gedqae03zn2eq3raqse7yckcv74kue73kp86axkpuzs500fsz6vgnsj03kg2wuhurc38lcvyjqcpur2ftmsmt3flnwfz25hdjfl8mtwahqvqe7h89vzd4aqa76qvqrve3h6uvkz6c88ey09crpxhv9ytlm3xq4d5s57n3jmx0mh08vz0g5xvtm6ahvj6sgl37evd5adlwdv7q83762e9ca8w595cupws8u9dspj0dkf",
    "type": "zaddr"

zecpaperwallet can also generate multiple sapling and/or transparent addresses, and optionally save them to PDF or text files. Run it on an offline machine for additional security. It also features a user-friendly UI that can help you generate wallets offline.

zecpaperwallet supports a range of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, TailsOS, ARMv7 & ARMv8 (Rpi 2/3/3+)


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