Sapphire rx 480 Nitro+ vs Xfx 480 OC power consumption

Hi gyus,

I cannot believe my eyes… i get the same Sols/s from both cards, but the sapphire is consuming more power than the other one. Have you experienced similar behaviour ?
Thank you

The XFX is a lot better in terms of wattage and also cooler. You do need to add around 50w though to those numbers from GPU-Z because thats only the chip.

checked at the wall?
same frequencies?

Same problem here.

I have 4 reference Rx 480 8GB. 2 XFX, 1 MSI, 1 Asus. My XFX cards average 100w while MSI/ASUS average 80w at gpuz.

Both use the exact same core clock, core voltage, mem clock, mem straps and mem volts. I had to drop my XFX cards by 100mhz core so that it stays at 80-85w, which drops hash rate by 15H/s.

1338 MHz vs 1342 MHz

but i was measuring with the Corsair Power Unit and the power consumption ist similar. I think, that GPU-Z is not showing right values...

With no GPU I have 130 W.
With a GPU I have about 300 W (for alle the cards)

I startet always just 1 GPU to measure

gpuz shows only chip wattage. At the wall its a different story.