RX 480 8GB XFX or RX 480 8GB Nitro?

Hey guys i plan to buy 5 new cards today. So should i go for the XFX because i am able to restore the fans if they are broken or should i go for the Nitro one?

You can replace the fans on the Nitro one as well.

If there’s a fan problem, you don’t have to return the entire card – SAPPHIRE or our channel partners will send out a replacement fan directly to you! SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon™ RX 480 fans use our Quick Connect system. That means they’re easy to remove, clean and replace, with just one screw holding them securely in place

Also think the Nitro is overclocked a little more than the XFX. Although not a lot in it.

Oh did not know that :slight_smile: thas cool. I have a broken R9 280x where one fan is not working maybe i should write them for that also.

So you think sapphire is beter solution and me should go for that ?

There really isn’t much in it, I would check the warranty period plus how easy it is to return a faulty one in your country. I have the Nitro and it is ok but I just went on cost as it was about £20 cheaper at the time I bought it than the XFX.

Okay i will check that, thank you! :slight_smile:

Any information about XFX H/s ? solrate ? I intend to buy RX480 but I’m not sure if the XFX is better that normal RX480 or Nitro

I really like the Powercolor Red-Devils, can overclock like mad and great cooling. Ever since the Powercolor 7870s GHz edition I have been a fan of them. Oddly no one else seems to be a fan.