Satellite internet?

Curious if anyone uses or knows about mining over a satellite internet connection. Mostly concerned about latency issues, right now it averages about 650ms, and varies anywhere from 500-800. Pretty new to this so still trying to grok. Would be appreciative of anyone who might have some insight or suggestions. :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

While definitely not ideal, it is certainly possible. You are correct in that latency will play a big role and you will probably get more rejects than someone with a sub 100 ms latency to the same pool, but I don’t think this in itself should be enough to dissuade you from mining. You might lose a couple percent of accepted shares overall, but mining rates are high enough at the moment you should still be in good profit.

Once things get a bit tighter on profitability it may change, but again I do not think that alone is enough to not try. Of course try to find a pool as geographically close to you as possible so you do not add any more latency then necessary to your connection.

Right on, thats kinda what I figured. Much appreciated. Any ideas as to how much Data mining uses up, as in Mb per day, or?